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May 5, 2016
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Issue 327

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Hello my lovelies , it is i Mr Antisocial ; who is around a lot ...sometimes.Now i wont bore you with some long winded monologue. Hell i cant even remember what my thought process was when i wrote this. Cause it will be lost into the winds of the long forgotten.So heres another weekly ,

From the great the leader himself i got a very inspiring Quote "Hi, and I killed a shit load of prisoners today" -Bogo

and some member Cookie who had to be censored due to the children. "Stop procrastinating , get actually ****ing **** done."

Thank you for reading and have a Sithis day!
- SunKenRock

Notice:Search for League of Legends Team

March 18th, "I wanna be a billionaire so friggin bad!"

Save your Puzzle Rings! This event is designed to spam Puzzle Rings to prepare people for empowering rifts! There is also some potential for great crafting mats, blood shards, and gear due to goblins!Link

Note: If there are any changes or events not listed, please contact any of the Fever Weekly staff.

Game Nights:

To convert the times to your timezone, use the following tool: Time Zone Converter. Please check the Discord Events channel for reminders about events.

- Overwatch = 8pm to 10/11pm (EST) | Host : Chronubis
- Path of Exile = 7:00pm (EST) | Host : Madredz

- CS:GO = 6:00pm (EST) | Host : Niine
- World of Warcraft (Horde Raids) = 8pm to 11pm (EST) | Host : Aisper

- World of Warcraft (Alliance Raids) = 8pm to 11pm (EST) | Host : Cardinalsin

- Overwatch = 9pm (EST) | Host : TBD
- Heroes of the Storm = 6pm (PST) | Host : KingCatNip
- World of Warcraft ( Horde Raids) = 8pm to 11pm (EST) | Host : Aisper

- Dota 2 = 3pm to 5pm (EST) | Host : Thundernut
- Path of Exile = 7:00pm (EST) | Host : Madredz
- League of Legends = 8pm to 10pm (EST) | Host : Sixxed17
- Path of Exile = 8pm (CST) | Host : Menicejw86
- World of Warcraft (Alliance Raids) = 8pm to 11pm (EST) | Host : Cardinalsin

- CS:GO = 5pm to 7pm (EST) | Host : Niine
- World of Warships = 8pm (EST) | Host : LordsShield
- Path of Exile = 9pm (EST) | Host : arjunaji
- Starcraft = 9pm (EST) | Host : Proteggiore
- League of Legends = 9:30pm (EST) | Host : macho001
- World of Warcraft (Horde Alt Night) = 8pm to 12am (EST) | Host : Aisper

- League of Legends = 9pm (EST) | Host : Batman

All game nights are held in Discord, so please join Discord to get in on the fun!


Hosts to contact
@Madredz || Path of Exile Game Night - Monday and Friday at 7PM EST

@Niine || CS:GO - Tuesday @ 6 and Saturday @ 5 est

@KingCatNip || Heroes of the Storm - Thursday @ 6 pst

@Cardinalsin || World of Warcraft - from Wednesday/Friday (EST)

@Menicejw86 || Path of Exile - 8pm Friday (CST)

@arjunaji || Path of Exile - 9pm Saturday (EST)

@Aisper || World of Warcraft - from Tuesday/Thrusday/Alt Night Saturday (EST)

@macho0001 || League of Legends - Saturday from 9:30pm to whenever (EST)

@Batman || League of Legends - Friday from 9pm to 11pm (EST)

@Chronubis || Overwatch Game Night - Monday from 8pm to 10pm/11pm (EST)Thursday at 9pm (EST)

@LordsShield || World of Warships Game Night - Saturday at 8pm(EST)

@Proteggiore || Starcraft 2 Game Night - Saturday at 9pm (EST)

This event is designed to complete a mass number of rift runs for keys, death's breaths, and gear/materials. It will be an all-day event, so people can come and go as their schedule allows. We will split so everyone can be a part of a 4-person group, even if we need to pick up pugs.

This event is designed to a set-up for the March 17th mass-GR run event.


Saturday, ALL DAY on March 10, 2018

Please try to arrive 15-30 minutes early to begin setting up groups.


In-Game Sections:​
In addition to recruiting, games need staffing to help them run efficiently so all members can have a great time. These tasks can be Recruiter , Game night Hosts, Coach , Content Creator.If you are interested please contact:
Head - @Thundernut
Deputies - @Kimenu , and
Assistants - @Baum, @Daddy

Company Commanders

League of Legends - Vacant(person to contact @Sixxed17)
Dota - Vacant
CS-GO - Vacant(person to contact though @Kimenuor @Zerox)
Diablo 3 - @Linessah
Starcraft 2 - @Shiva
Overwatch - @-Nameless
World of Warcraft - @Aisper
Path of Exile - @Axle
HOTS - Vacant(Person to contact XO @KingCatNip)
PUBG - Vacant
SMITE - Vacant
Misc - Contact @Thundernut ,@BruC0Ndr


Gwent - @BruC0Ndr
BDO - @Ian
Wargaming - @LordsShield
SMITE - @Grant
Fortnite - @aNger
Paladins - @aNger
Warframe - @Nefarious
Hand of the Gods - @TheHonjoMasamune
PUBG - Vacant
Elder Scrolls online - @EddieTheDank
They are also looking for people who'd like to officially form a gaming section. For further info on the state of gaming , check out this post: State of Gaming.

Out of Game Section:​
With the various jobs with in game ,there is also another end of helping out fever in various out of game jobs. Its a way to keep in contact with Social media ,helping out the forums and maintaining , and assisting out on the graphics end.
Public Relations:
Are you an out-going person who would like to represent our clan and get in contact with others?
If you answered 'yes', then consider contacting...
@Kimenu, @BruC0Ndr, @Chaves and Coordinator -Nameless who is looking for new public relation members to join the team. You can also contact them if you are interested in becoming a Streamer or Host.
For social media, feel free to contact anyone from the team. In order to help represent or promote Fever.

"We're looking for more YouTube content creators, and people experienced with YouTube editing/ video editing contact BruC0Ndr if you're interested"
Master of the Forums:
The Master of the Forums Team is currently looking for any and all officers to assist in the upkeep and monitoring of the Fever Clan forums. Our day to day tasks is making sure all stickies are being updated with current information, monitoring the forums for spam/junk/clutter, as well as ensuring all rules and standards are being kept by all members and guests. For more information contact:
@Linessah handles the Content Creation portion of MOTF. If you are interested in creating content for a forum section, including games, please contact her.
Graphics Team:
The Graphics Department is searching for members who like to exercise their artistic and graphic design skills. Their goal is to support all departments of Fever through the creation of any necessary graphics - from award ribbon/medals, tournament banners, game banners, and youtube graphics. If this sounds like something you would like to contribute to, please contact or @Slyhttp://feverclan.com/forums/members/sly.html@Granthttp://feverclan.com/forums/members/grant.html


adrianbrodynose / Notion / Juni / Diana / xGilgameshx

IrishLass / LiquidSnakeK / BeanEr / seraphimxx

Last week's winner was TopFox - please congratulate him!

This week's nominees are:




Please vote for them here -> PoW-03-05-2018

Hello Fever! Shiny here, welcoming you all to a very special edition of Member Spotlight. This week, we have one of the most hard-working Feverians I know, and she's also the first General to be spotlighted. You may know her, among other reasons, as the person in charge of running the Diablo 3 section. It's Linessah! This will be a very lengthy interview, but also a very rich one, so hopefully you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed doing it. Before diving in, I asked Daddy and BruC0Ndr to help us get to know Linessah better. They said:

BruC0Ndr said:
Linessah has to be the nicest person in Fever. She's the definition of Fever spirit! She's also a pleasure to chat with, always helpful and supportive!

Daddy said:
Linessah and I have known each other and worked with each other for a while now. I believe she really loves hanging out with the fever family and I know that she puts great passion in all the things she's doing for us as a whole. Even though she's busy with life, being a mom, and everything else, she's always making time for the community and wants to get things done and propel the clan forward.

I have to agree with both of them! Here's the interview:

Shiny: How did you find out about Fever?
Linessah: I found out about Fever through extensive research on the internet and battle.net forums. At the time, I was in an in-game clan for Diablo that seemed to be rife with botting and they were never helpful in giving me pointers on how to progress in the game. After some reading and hanging out in Teamspeak for about a week, I decided to apply. The rest is history!

Shiny: What do you think Fever does really well and what could be done better?
Linessah: I think Fever does a lot to bring a great atmosphere for players of all walks of life to come and enjoy gaming. When you look at the grand scheme of things, we have over a lot of active members wearing the Fever Member tag on the forums. I have played several games within Fever, and each place I go there are really great members of all ranks ready to play and have good fun!
I really do think Fever could benefit from more follow-through on ideas and suggestions - even if they do not pan out. There is a lot of potential to be capitalized upon, and I'd rather see us try and learn from a small mistake, than to sit still and miss out on great things. However, with that comes the component that those who choose to help further Fever do so on a completely voluntary basis - and it is understandable that real life can often inadvertently stall even the smallest of projects.

Shiny: I only mentioned you run Diablo 3, but I know you have a few other obligations. So what are your other clan jobs?
Linessah: Well, I am the D3 company commander; the Director for the Fever Weekly; and now the Interim Head of Awards Council. Additionally, I help put things on the front page and handle all the squads for Fever, which are basically small groups within games who seek to do competitive play.

Shiny: What's the job description for each of those?
Linessah: As the Interim Head for Awards Council, I am responsible for the entirety of the Awards Council and Graphics Team. I direct the department to implement new awards, and ensure the existing ones get granted to members. I also coordinate with the Graphics Team who will make the graphics for these awards. Additionally, the graphics department creates various things for all aspects of Fever: twitch graphics/overlays, member signatures, youtube graphics, and graphics used in the front page and on the forums. Bob_o and Clavat recently stepped down to retired/VO, and they have certainly lead the department to a great place and I am proud to continue in their stead.

For the Diablo section, I help keep the gears turning - and my staff has been an instrumental part of the success of the company. Because, truly... without them, D3 wouldn't be near what it is today. So a big thank-you to Gizmo256, Sendain, Zahbo, Ghist, and Medic739. Please, give those guys a round of applause.

As far as the Fever squads go, once someone has a full roster, I will get them their private discord channel and subforum specifically for their squad and from there I make sure they keep a roster and check their activity (if they're holding practices and playing ranked games). If they are successful in keeping active, I ensure they get the appropriate Fever awards for having a squad and completing matches together.

I am also working on some major changes to our home/splash page, and have been primarily responsible for making sure major clan events and big content get relayed onto that front page.

Shiny: For anyone who might be interested, are any of your departments currently recruiting?
Linessah: The Awards Council is looking for one more member, which is open to any rank. The primary responsibility is to check for awards, and let the head/director know when an award needs to be granted!

The Fever Weekly is looking for people who are interested in writing articles in all things game-related, such as game reviews, tech news, and more!

Diablo 3 is looking for a Game Night Coordinator and In-Game Recruiters (Officer+), and Game Representatives (Enlisted).

I am also looking for assistants in helping provide content from the front page to the forums. So anyone who is familiar with WordPress or willing to learn, I would love the help!

Shiny: Speaking of Diablo 3, in my opinion, it seems like the most well-oiled and smoothly ran game section in the clan(out of all the ones I frequent). How was the section when you took it over and how is it today?
Linessah: Diablo 3 is something that is always near and dear to my heart. I became an officer working in Diablo 3 under Artega and Nagrom. They did many great things, but I knew their real-life issues put constraints on how much they could drive things. But I took over the section from DaveQ and his brief tenure as Company Commander. At the time, recruitment was at a low point and the company was seeing fairly low activity - which speaks volumes as Diablo 3 has always been a pretty active and large section within Fever. Since I have taken over, Diablo 3 has seen great increase in size and activity. Our latest feat was seeing 3 people make the leaderboards (top 1000) for the Americas for solo greater rifts, and 5 groups make it for groups. This is up from Season 11's 3 placements on the leaderboards. I could write a novel praising the great things our Diablo 3 section has to offer, but mostly I will praise the atmosphere created by all the people who play, and the wonderful staff who help keep the community moving forward. Diablo 3 would not be what it is today without their help!

Shiny: Blizzard launched a new Diablo 3 season a couple days ago, and you had a big Company event as is tradition. What can you tell us about it, as far as stats, winners or anything else you'd like to tell us?
Linessah: Each season we hold a friendly leveling competition - it's pretty simple! The first all-Fever group to hit 70, which is max level, wins a bunch of Fever coins and a Fever award. There's coins in it for 2nd and 3rd place, as well! First place this season was Medic739, Trep, Ghist and glib. You can see the jist of it in the old signups for the most recent here.
Normally we have about ~25-35 players in a given season start show up for the action, because normally Blizzard launches the season on a Thursday. This time around, Season 13 launched on Friday and we had ~50 people in discord, and more participating strictly in-game! It's usually a great success and great fun as people race to the level cap to get started on gearing out their character!

Shiny: Since I'm currently out of town, I missed it. Can I, and maybe others who have also missed the season start, join in on the fun?
Linessah: Always! The D3 community is really welcoming - we are always happy to help catch people up in hopes to get them forever addicted to the fun. It's pretty easy to get caught up, and we're always hosting game nights that aim to accommodate players of all progresses and skill levels.

Shiny: What are your main games? What class/role/characters do you like to play in them?
Linessah: My biggest two games right now are D3 and HOTS, mostly because I don't have a lot of time. When in D3, I play whatever tickles my fancy - from the relentless assault of the Demon Hunter to the amazing wet noodle of the zBarb. Though this season I have decided to return to my beta and pre-expansion roots of playing a Monk!
In HOTS, I really enjoy playing the specialist role, but my Ragin' Cajun' Chicken (Malfurion) and Hanzo seem to be my strongest heroes (Hanzo currently boasts a 75%+ win rate since release). Despite the love I show those heroes, Nazeebo is my main squeeze - he always no de wey!

Shiny: I know for a fact you're a very busy bee, but for those who don't know personally, what does an average day look like for you?
Linessah: Whew. My average day runs on 4 hours of sleep, getting up around 7:00am EST to shuffle my 2-year-old daughter to daycare, rushing home to get as much classwork done as possible (peppered with Fever work and answering DMs). I'll leave at about 3 to 4pm EST to go get her and spend some time with her before her bed time at roughly 8 to 8:30pm. Sometimes I have to juggle reading textbooks for my classes while she plays on her own or watches her favorite TV show. After she goes to bed, I'll do more school work, do more things for Fever, and maybe - just maybe, I'll get to play some games!

Shiny: So how do you manage to juggle college, work, Fever, your daughter, Linessah time and sleep in only 24 hours?
Linessah: By sacrificing my sanity, I guess! I'm currently a full-time student taking 6 classes and am somehow managing a 4.0GPA with an average grade of a 96. It is certainly not without its stresses! I also do not get much me-time whatsoever. That's the perk(??? lol) of being a single parent. I'm sure it shows as people who have known me through all my time in Fever have probably noticed a sharp decrease in the amount of time I spend in-game. Of course, my daughter always comes first. I'm sure many people have heard her in the background, and she's even participated in a few interviews and officer/general's meetings!

Shiny: Do you have any non gaming hobbies?
Linessah: I have many, but all have fallen to the wayside due to school and being a parent. For instance, I was once an avid rock climber and I really enjoy whitewater kayaking. I also really enjoy painting and drawing and, up until I lost the pen to my wacom tablet, I used to paint in photoshop! In my pre-parent days, I used to play a lot of music instruments, with my most frequented instrument being the guitar. Oh how I long for enough free time - but for now gaming and Fever are my "hobbies."

Shiny: I've only heard stories and rumors, but what can you tell me about the "bro" voice that can sometimes be heard coming from your mic on Discord?
Linessah: Hahaha, well it started as a joke to be honest. I had a pretty bad case of pharyngitis and the only way I could really talk was to speak in a deep, low voice. Someone in Discord made a comment that my voice was unrecognizable and asked if I was using a voice-changer. And so, the joke that my "alter ego", aka Lenny, was present instead of me was born. So that is the story of the "Bronessah" or "Lenny" voice. Every now and again, I'll break out the Lenny at the most opportune times, or even troll people on Snapchat with filters to give "Lenny" a face. Just ask Izzo and Arksun!

Shiny: What's the origin of your gaming name
Linessah: Linessah is a new gaming name for me. Previously, it was Kearsha - which kind-of annoyed me as the number one response to that name was, "Is that like Ke$ha?" Kearsha was my go-to name since the 2000's, but when I joined Fever I decided it was time for a change. Linessah is based off a Magic: The Gathering card. Linessa, Zephyr Mage (from Future Sight) if anyone cares to look it up! MTG has always held a special place in my heart - and I used to be quite the tournament player in the Charlotte, NC area!

Shiny: Who or what got you into gaming?
Linessah: My half-sister and half-brother initially got me into gaming from a very young age. From Nintendo 64 to Sega Genesis, there wasn't a rainy day in our house where a fight occurred over who got to play! My foray into gaming really blossomed when my family lived in China. Titles such as Age of Empires, Diablo & Diablo 2, Command & Conquer, Starcraft, and Sim City were commonplace. We were also huge into PS, PSOne, and PS2 as we had one computer to share. Gaming was a must to keep sane during monsoon season, where any outdoor activity was completely un-fun. My biggest influencer would be my old friend and classmate Stephan from the Netherlands - we often spent a lot of time playing Diablo 2 together, and despite many years (17, in fact) living in different countries, we still keep in touch!

Shiny: China? How did you end up in china?
Linessah: My late father was a plastics injection molding engineer who developed many patents for the then-known AMP (Aircraft Marine Plastics). When our move happened, AMP was acquired by Tyco International. It's not exactly a glamorous move, but we lived there for 3 1/2 years from 1997 to 2001. It afforded me many opportunities, for all of which I am incredibly grateful. If I could do it all over again, I would!

Shiny: Where were you born, where do you live now and where else have you lived? And which place was your favorite?
Linessah: I was born in Greensboro, NC. I now live in a tiny town called Stokesdale in NC. We moved directly from Greensboro to Shanghai, China. While living in China, we were able to visit other countries such as Hong Kong, Thailand, and Indonesia. When we moved back to the US, we lived in South Carolina. Other than those locations, I've moved a bit, from PA, to NC, to SC, and back to NC! As far as a favorite? I will still have to say Shanghai in the fact that it was such a unique experience.

Shiny: What's your favorite thing about Stokesdale? What's your least favorite?
Linessah: My favorite thing about living in Stokesdale is that it is out in the country - the air is fresh and crisp, and the night sky is full of stars. We're a 2-stoplight town with not much else in it. Believe it or not, I'm not a huge people-person, so living in the country suits me just fine. The downside? If it storms, we're the first to lose utilities and the last to get them back. It also takes about 35-40 minutes to get to the nearest movie theater, and about 25 minutes to the nearest WalMart. It also stinks if you're gaming and you have a late night drive-thru craving, as that will cost you a one-way trip of 10 miles... if they're still open! The other huge downside is that this time of year is the most active/mating time for skunks, meaning there are tons that are dead on the side of the road and it stinks to the high heavens! (Pun intended...)

Shiny: How can Fever members find you if they want to play or hang out with you?
Linessah: The BEST way to get in touch with me is via Discord. I always keep it open on my phone and am routinely answering DM's at all hours (except the rare instance I am asleep). If I'm playing, I'll be in the channels. Heck, sometimes I'll just be doing Fever-related or school work and still hang out in the channels! I would throw my battletag out there, but my friends list is 99.99% of the time at the cap of 200. (What is with that, Blizzard?!)
So seriously... if you want to play with me, jump in the channel and I promise if there's room or if I'm alone, I'll invite you or join you!!

Shiny: Oh, I almost forgot to ask the most important question! Who is your favorite Fever member and why is it me?
Linessah: Hahaha. I don't think I have just ONE favorite Fever person, really. There are so many great people here in the clan. When I first joined Fever, I was in a very abusive relationship with my daughter's father. Fever really helped me get through that by providing a great place to be and de-stress from the process of getting out of that situation. Fever had my back once again when my father passed away in July. It was a really heavy hit to me personally, and I couldn't be more thankful to, once again, have a place where I could decompress and let loose without judgement. But, dearest Shiny, you're an awesome possum and I always have great fun playing with you in HOTS - we always have some great conversation outside of game, too!

Shiny: In all seriousness, I want to echo bruC0Ndr and Daddy's words. You're an extremely dedicated, hard-working individual and an even better person. I'm glad we could finally do this because you know I've wanted to interview you since pretty much the very first spotlight, but we kept pushing it back for whatever reason. So, thank you for agreeing to do this, for your time, for being an exemplary Fever member, for being a good Tyrande to my Tracer and for being a great friend. Thanks!
Linessah: Thank you – I know I put a lot into Fever, but I really believe in what this community stands for and the potential it holds. Above all, I enjoy having a fun time playing games with members of all walks. I’m honored to do it, as well as honored to work alongside so many great people. I’ve had a lot of good times in Fever and hope to have many more! Hopefully those that bother to read this super-lengthy spotlight have learned something new about me! :D

Heroes of the storm:Sonya update spotlight

Smite:SMITE: Available positions!

Rainbow 6 Seige:No R6 Siege?

Path of Exile:The Bestiary League Hat

Overwatch:Widow strategies?

Heroes of the storm:Game night returns




Microsoft is distributing a new microcode fix for Spectre vulnerability

Microsoft is now releasing Intel’s newly approved firmware updates through the Windows Update Catalog. The new patch, marked KB4090007, adds firmware coverage to Intel’s Skylake H/S/U/Y and U23e series processors running Windows 10 version 1709 (Fall’s Creator’s Update).

The new patch includes Intel’s latest microcode release for Spectre Variant 2 CVE-2017-5715 “Branch Target Injection” vulnerability. In a nutshell, branch target injection wipes the intended memory address of a indirect branch, forcing the CPU to retrieve the true address which takes a few hundred cycles. During this time, the CPU will speculatively execute instructions based on branch prediction.

Intel recently announced that it had distributed stable versions its microcode updates to all its OEM partners. The newest code encompasses all intel 6th, 7th, 8th generation CPUs. They will be either applied as custom firmware updates through device OEMs, or through the Windows Update Catalog as they slowly become available.

In order to install the patch, Microsoft requires that you have the latest version of your anti-virus software. Microsoft says that it’s been working closely working with anti-virus partners to improve compatibility, specifically by reducing unsupported memory calls into the Windows Kernel. This is understandable as the anti-virus itself can become the target of a Spectre attack. Your best bet is to go to your AV provider and see if it’s on the compatibility list.


Fnatic beats FaZe Clan to win IEM Katowice CS:GO title

IEM Katowice lived up to its reputation as one of the best tournaments of the year as Fnatic and FaZe take it to five maps in a best-of-five finals. Fnatic came in at massive underdogs, despite win against the same opponent in the group-stage. How did the Swedes manage it?

The series began on Cache, which turned out to be a stomp in favour of Faze. The final score was 16-5, and five rounds flatters fnatic which won first pistol. Individual plays from Nikola "NiKo" Kovač and Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovács obliterated the Swedish defense, and every clutch after the pistol round ended in the favour of FaZe.

On Inferno, FaZe picked up where they left off on Cache with a strong 8-2 lead on CT side. However, unlike the prior map Fnatic where able to claw back and salvage six rounds on their T side, keeping them in the game. In the second half, FaZe once again took the lead early, but heroics from Robin "flusha" Rönnquist on the B site gave the Swedish team an opening into the game. Afterwards, poor trading from the FaZe players gave Fnatic the edge on the defense, handing the underdog the lead for the first time in the series. At 15-13 Fnatic looked poised to close out the map, but critical shots missed by Jesper "JW" Wecksell in the 30th round gave FaZe an opportunity to force overtime. Overtime was back and forth, and as the pressure mounted both teams ramped up the aggression. In the end double-overtime was required, which Fnatic closed out on the back of a remarkable triple kill on the B site defence by Maikil "Golden" Selim.

Though FaZe were the strong favourite on this map, Overpass was all about Fnatic. Starting out strong, the momentum abruptly shifted when GuardiaN pulled off a 1v5 clutch. On the back of his heroics, FaZe reached a decent 7-8 half on the T side. Despite a comeback in the first half FaZe failed to get a single round in the second, with the Fnatic players stepping up with multi-kills in pivotal rounds, capped of by a quad-kill by Jonas "Lekr0" Olofsson to reach match point. Though it was a closer affair than Cache, Fnatic struck back with a dominant win of their own on Overpass.

Despite the impressive performance on Overpass, Fnatic began Mirage with a flat offence. The team created opportunities in the early rounds, but FaZe were able to scrap by enough return kills to come out ahead using their utility in late round situations. Composed play earned the international squad a 8-1 start. A strong B-hit followed by a masterful 1v3 clutch gave Fnatic a chance to salvage the half, but it was stomped out by a full-eco from FaZe, which launched the latter toward an 11-4 half. After losing the second pistol round, things looked grim for Fnatic. Yet after a miraculous pistol win, this time in the Swedes' favour, Fnatic found a way to claw their way back into the game. Despite incredible plays by Lekr0, FaZe manage to close out the map 16-11.

The final map was madness. The map was back and forth as both teams steal rounds from each other. Two very even halves and two very impressives aces by flusha lead into a fitting overtime. In the end, fnatic and flusha proved too much for FaZe too handle, as the latter struggled to find openings in overtime. In the end, after seven hours, five maps and 149 rounds, fnatic did what no one expected, beating FaZe on the fifth map 19-17 to win the IEM Katowice World Championship.




Detroit: Become Human Release Date Revealed

After many years Quantic Dreams' Detroit: Become Human has a release date. It will launch for the PlayStation 4 on May 25.

Here is an overview of the game:

In a dystopian vision of our near future, Detroit is the story of three androids, three machines designed to obey, who start to feel emotions. Confronted with persecution and the violence of society, they will all have to decide who they want to be.

Connor is a prototype designed to help human investigators on cases involving androids; Kara becomes a fugitive by empathizing with a little girl, united in their dream of freedom; Markus will become the leader of the android revolution.

The player will control all three in turn, taking control of their destinies, and telling not only their individual stories, but also the story of their people and of their world.

Detroit is by far the most ambitious title ever created by Quantic Dream; with this game, we wanted to push our limits by creating the most bending game we have ever made. Your actions have real and spectacular consequences: there are entire scenes that you can see or miss based on your actions, your closest allies may help you until the end or die just after you meet them, your destiny itself can be totally different depending on your choices. You must also be very careful with your three main characters, because any of them may die at any time.

Each story is almost as unique as your DNA: it is the result of the choices you made, the minor ones and the important ones, because in Detroit, all choices matter. You will need to observe, think, decide, feel, follow your intuition or your heart, to tell the unique stories of each character, and their stories will become your personal story.

Detroit explores many complex themes that resonate with today’s world. Of course, it is about AI and the role of technology, but it is also more than anything about us, about our society, our dreams, our mistakes, our hopes. It is about what it means to be human: is it just about having flesh and bones, or does it mean more than that? We hope that it sparks some meaningful conversations and we’re looking forward to hearing what you think about it.


'Inside Eden's Gate' is a live action Far Cry 5 short film coming to Amazon Prime


If the latest live action trailer for Far Cry 5 made you uncomfortable, then get ready for more crazed religious ranting and ritual from the same talent. Inside Eden's Gate is a live action short film preceding the events of Far Cry 5, set to launch exclusively on Amazon Prime's streaming service March 5.

Ubisoft's announcement post describes the plot as follows:

"When rumors of a fanatical cult in Hope County, Montana begin to swirl, three vloggers take it upon themselves to investigate what's really going on. As they track down missing locals and probe into other strange events, they eventually encounter Joseph Seed, the leader of The Project of Eden's Gate cult and the man behind all the unusual activities in Hope County."

While I can't say I'm excited that our first window into the Eden's Gate cult will be through the eyes of young, hip vloggers, there's a chance it could illuminate important characters and events in surprising ways before the big game drops. If it doesn't, at least we'll get to watch the vloggers and cultists duke it out.


Hearthstone Ranked Play restored, everyone is getting free card packs

Update: A Hearthstone hotfix is now in place, Ranked Play has been restored, and everything should be working as it's meant to. Naturally, Blizzard feels bad about the whole thing, and that's good news for you.

"As a token of our appreciation for your patience, we’d like to offer everyone three Kobolds and Catacombs card packs," community manager Aratil wrote. "These card packs will be distributed next week and can be redeemed via the Gifting function either on the Battle.net Desktop App or by logging into your Battle.net account on your mobile device."

One minor piece of collateral damage is that today's planned developer livestream to discuss the changes coming in the Year of the Raven has been cancelled. It'll now be rescheduled for a later date, meaning there's still time to submit your questions here.

Original story:

If you've very recently found yourself unable to fire up a Ranked match in Hearthstone, don't panic. There's a problem of some sort in the March 2018 season roll, and so Blizzard has temporarily disabled Ranked Play.

"We are aware of an issue with Ranked Play progression for the March 2018 season roll. While we investigate, we have temporarily disabled Ranked Play mode in regions where the March season has begun, which currently includes Asia and Europe," community manager Keganbe wrote. "We will continue to update this thread as more information becomes available."

Blizzard hasn't cited a specific reason why the temporary lockout has been implemented, but it does seem to coincide with this Reddit post claiming that Chinese players were earning 5 stars per win rather than the usual one after the ladder reset. We've asked Blizzard to confirm whether this was the case and are awaiting an answer.

The March 2018 reset sees the biggest changes made to Hearthstone ladder since it began. Rank resets are being changed to become less punishing, but every advance in rank will require five stars rather than a level-dependent amount. The changes will make it tougher to climb through early ranks but should also result in greater differentiation of player skill between them.

Dropping only four ranks after each reset should also reduce the need to play "brutal aggro decks" in order to climb as fast as possible. We'll have to wait and see whether than proves true. For now, have fun in Casual!








https://scontent-lga3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/28378705_1654206351341024_7238231091042596584_n.jp g?oh=ae7709acc6af630126c2e3029e459eb4&oe=5B4B82E4






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Thank you for reading and and in case I don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!
- The Weekly Peeps



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Auto royale is the shit! I played it so much fun! I hope I can find some people interested to play it with me

Also, [MENTION=67628]Linessah[/MENTION] is awesome! Awesome spotlight! Being an awesome parent and scholar! Your future will be bright :)


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Thank you as always for the member spotlights. It's interesting to get to know major players around Fever.

Detroit: Become Human sounds interesting. Might have to try it sometime!
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