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Feb 3, 2015




So, I ran the first Movie Night with Rabbit. & it streamed smoothly for myself and [MENTION=49372]Dxlewis[/MENTION].
Although we did not have many people there, [MENTION=471]Pheonix[/MENTION] and [MENTION=49372]Dxlewis[/MENTION] attended and had a good time.

To set-up the 'Rabbit' stream, I first joined the website. After this I joined my room on the website, & it then prompted me to select if I wanted to use my Netflix, Hulu, or an URL. I then entered in my information, found the movie for the event "World War Z", and it began to stream. It was as simple as that! I then proceeded to invite, and it was all set. You can also lock your room, and set a password for it. Which is nice, although I haven't seen a way for anyone to get into the stream without having the Link.

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