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I found the Minecraft forum!

I know a bunch of you have been playing on the test server I put up. I didn't realize it would be so popular! I have heard reports of lag issues, rubber banding, etc. I spoke to my host and we moved to another node and I also increased the specs a little. Here is the new IP:

I've been idling, running around, and using rails for about 30 mins and I have had no lag or tick issues yet. Of course, I won't be able to tell how this new location performs until a bunch of people get on. Please let me or Ian know how the performance is. We are looking to get something permanent since we have a lot of players wanting in.

FYI I have some auto functions running. The world will save to disk every 10 minutes. I have also set it to restart daily at 4AM Eastern time. Just after that, it will take a daily backup.

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