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Aug 5, 2012




Hey y'all,

Been a while since I made a thread, hope everyone is well! Pharmacy school has been kicking my butt but I'm enjoying it. Really, the only gaming I've been getting is stress filled, competitive Overwatch matches.

I play a lot of fantasy football and right now a site I play on is offering a pretty good promotion for "recruiting" new players. If anyone can help me out and follow this link and create an account "" I would really appreciate it. You have to deposit $5 into the account but you can withdraw it and get your money back as soon as you want or play a contest. I'll send you $5 to your PayPal, venmo, quickpay or get you credit on Steam.

So hopefully some of you can help me out but either way have a happy new year and I'll see you in game! Also, if you need help setting your lineups this week and have questions for a pharmacist, I'm all ears. Have fun everybody.
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