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Oct 22, 2017
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Battle Royale

You can now switch between teammates while spectating.
Fixed an issue which caused enemy players to instantaneously appear once they emerged from behind an object.
This issue occurred frequently if shadows were disabled in the game options.
Fixed a bug which allowed players to jump indefinitely.
Fixed an issue which caused DBNO (Down, But Not Out) to trigger jump pads.
Fixed an issue which caused crosshair hit-markers to sometimes not show up.
Medium Ammo stacks increased from 10 to 20.
Rocket Ammo spawn rate decreased by 25%.
Players no longer display their weapon while DBNO (Down, But Not Out.)
Added a new sensitivity sliders for “Targeting Multiplier” and “Scoped Multiplier” to the Game Options.
Removed mouse smoothing.
Players can now tilt the camera higher and lower than before.
Reduced the time it takes to load into the map from the matchmaking lobby.
General improvements to loading times and frame rate.
Increased the distance that building audio can be heard.
Voice Over IP has been added to PC
Push-to-Talk is on by default and is bound to the Y key
Voice activation is also an option
Squad voice chat is on by default. Players can disable this in the settings
We are working towards implementing VOIP on other platforms, more information soon
Save the World
The maximum number of daily Mutant Storms that can be completed has been increased from 3 to 4.
Increased the number of possible Mutant Storms that can spawn.
Stonewood was 3 is now 5.
Plankerton was 3 is now 8.
Canny Valley was 3 is now 9.
Twine Peaks was 3 is now 10.
Adjusted the crafting requirements for the Trash Cannon:
Previous recipe:
3 Ore
12 Mechanical Parts
15 Blastpowder
New recipe:
10 Blastpowder
8 Mechanical Parts
2 Ore
Players should no longer get stuck by the Shockwave ability animation if knocked back by the effect.
The “Going Commando" ability will now correctly deal damage from long distances.
Fixed an issue which caused the Raider Headhunter’s support bonus to be calculated incorrectly.
In most cases, this will decrease the support bonus you receive.
Fixed a number of client crashes.
PC/Mac Only
Fixed an issue which caused an "insert disk" message to appear for some users immediately after startup.
Corrected text and symbols on the Inventor and Gadget cards.
Known Issue
Players are occasionally shown different rewards on the Victory and Mission rewards screens.
For example: Players may be shown Level 5 loot on the Victory screen, and then shown an icon for Level 4 loot on the Mission Rewards screen. The player is actually receiving Level 5 loot.
The icon shown to players on the Mission Rewards screen is incorrect and will be fixed in a future patch.


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