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We've added a music bot to the discord, you'll notice there is now a Fever Blues and a Fever Beats within Discord. They can be used, right now, in any of the voice channels on discord. You can summon then with the commands below. These commands are to be used in the #music-request channel to control the bot that you've summoned to your voice channel. We are using the Rythm bot: Rythm - The Best Free Discord Music Bot and more information can be found here: https://rythmbot.co/features. We've subscribed to their patreon for the ability to control the volume of both bots, so please let us know your feedback on how they sound and the volume levels. You can also control them individually by right clicking on the "Fever Beats" and "Fever Blues" users (bots) and change their volume; as if they were normal users on discord.

- We've also added an Adult-NSFW channel to discord. This channel is going to carry the same rules as the Adult section on the forum carries. If you can be offended in anyway, shape, or form -- Don't even go to the channel. We won't accept complaints that reside in that channel. Use common sense, decent judgement, and obviously don't post anything illegal.

Fever BeatsFever BluesCommand Description
!join$joinSummons the bot to your voice channel.
!play$playPlays a song with the given name or url.
!disconnect$disconnectDisconnect the bot from the voice channel it is in.
!search$searchSearches YouTube for results of a URL.
!np$npShows what song the bot is currently playing.
!skip$skipSkips the currently playing song.
!remove$removeRemoves a certain entry from the queue.
!search$searchSearches YouTube for results of a URL.
!loop$loopLoop the currently playing song.
!lyrics$lyricsGets the lyrics of the current playing song
!resume$resumeResume paused music.
!clear$clearClears the queue.
!replay$replayReset the progress of the current song
!shuffle$shuffleShuffles the queue
!leavecleanup$leavecleanupRemoves absent user's songs from the Queue.
!queue$queueView the queue. To view different pages, type the command with the specified page number after it (queue 2).

As always, leave your feedback!
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Thank you for taking our suggestion and setting it up. Loving the bot!
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