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Apr 29, 2013




Every week, Cayde-6 sells five treasure maps that lead you to loot chests around a planet. For this week’s Destiny 2 Weekly Reset, you will want to pick up the Io treasure maps so you can have a chance of unlocking Cayde-6-specific emblems, Exotic engrams, and some standard blue gear.
[h=2]Io Treasure Map[/h]The majority of the Cayde-6 treasure chests are located in the north-east section of Io, with two located in the south-west. To locate the first three chests, use the Giant’s Scar fast travel node and head north toward Terrabase Charon. Go through the wall and past the drill site, continuing into the Cabal tunnel. As you approach the tunnel’s exit, you will see an elevated platform inside the tunnel, this is where a treasure chest is located.
The next treasure chest is located in the very next area. Exit the tunnel and move down into the lower section of the pit. Hug the wall on the right and you’ll find Cayde-6’s loot chest at the mouth of a cave.
Continuing on, jump back up to the platform above the previous chest and enter the Cabal base. Run through the base until you enter the Cabal drill site with the large drill in the center of the room. Up in the rafters of this room you can see the glow of the treasure chest. You can either jump up to it using the surrounding rocks or go through the tunnels for an easier ascent.
Another chest that’s shown on the treasure map can be found in The Rupture. Use the fast travel node near Asher Mir and travel over to the Spade icon on the map. You will find the chest up on a ledge inside the ribcage tunnel.
The final Cayde-6 chest that can be found using the Io treasure map is deep underground. Using the Asher Mir fast travel point, make your way to the left side of the great Vex pyramid structure (the entrance to the Pyramidion strike), and look for a little cave in the wall. Travel into the cave system and continue through it until you reach a Vex bridge with a portal at the end – the chest is in a nook off to the right side of the bridge.
The Io treasure map can be a bit confusing to read, as some of the loot chests are tucked away in areas not often travelled. Hopefully you were reward with an Exotic engram for your efforts, and at the very least a cool new emblem. Be sure to check out our Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for more walkthroughs!


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