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It's hard to get a strong debate section going in an online gaming clan forum. For those of you who are interested, here are some excellent, moderated websites:

The Online Debate Network: Online Debate Network
This site is fantastic. Full of actual debate posts. Well moderated to prevent abuse. User friendly to all debate skill levels.

International Debate Education Association: About IDEA |
This one has tons of great features. Debaters can earn points and actually "win" debates. Archives are clearly labeled into points for and points against on the topic. Includes voting on sides of the topic that show results of voting before and after in graph form to show if the debaters swayed anyone to their side over the course of the debate.

Debate Central: Free Debate Resources | Debate Central
This one is more formal and is used as a resource by high school debate teams. It has great resources about different types of debates, how and where to do your research, and tips on formulating your arguments.

There are tons of other great debate sites out there. Feel free to paste your own favorites below. Also, you can always check out live debates on YouTube. Happy Debating!
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