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Hey guys,

Behavior Interactive just announced the next chapter(DLC) to the Dead by Daylight game called : Demise of the Faithful.


Killer: The Plague
Her power: Vile Purge
The Killer launches a stream of vomit a short distance in front of her, which can hit multiple Survivors and environmental objects, causing them to become infected. The Survivor’s infection will grow as they perform certain actions.

The vomit itself, when spread by the Killer on environmental objects, can infect Survivors. An infected Survivor’s only respite can be found in the Pools of Devotion, which become corrupted themselves once they are used, so be careful.

The Killer can see the auras of corrupted Pools of Devotion and can interact with them, which will power up her Vile Purge power with additional devastating effects. However, once the Killer has used a corrupted Pool of Devotion, it takes time for it to revert to its clean state. During that time, it cannot be interacted with.


Dark Devotion: When you hit your obsession with a melee attack, you transfer your terror radius for 10secs and you also have no terror radius for that duration.

Infectious Fright: When you down a survivor (dying state) survivors in the area will yell and reveal their positions for a few seconds.

Corrupt Intervention: When you start a trial, the 3 farthest generators are inaccessible to survivors for a few seconds.

Survivor: Jane Romero 16654
Perks :

Solidarity: While injured, when you heal an injured survivor, you also get healed 50%.

Poised: When you finish an objective (generator) you leave no scratch marks for 10seconds.

Head On: After standing in a locker for 3 seconds, the perk activates, if the killer is standing in range. perform a rush action stunning the killer for 3 seconds.

New Map: Temple of Purgation
Once believed to hold the weight of the heavens, this half-forgotten temple complex was dedicated to the cleansing of the High Priestess’s followers.

Stolen from the High Priestess’s memories, the temple is now in the howling Red Forest, whose winds eroded its smooth edges. It stands as a beacon of fear, visible from all cardinal points.

I for one can't wait to check it out. I have over 1000 hours in dead by daylight and this is my go-to game when I want to brutally and relentlessly hunt down survivors as Freddy Krueger or Michael Myers.
Surviving with friends is an exhilarating experience when you have to make coordinated decisions with your friends to escape your trial. Usually having an alcoholic drink nearby enhances the experience tenfold.

The chapter will cost 6.99$ USD on steam or, 18,000 Iridescent Shards ( In-game currency by playing the game, 9,000 per character)

For the people that already own this game, the PTB should be accessible this week (dead by daylight devs usually release steam depots on Tuesdays or Wednesdays)
Add me on steam (Stam1na) if ever you want to group up, any skill level/play time is cool, the goal is to escape the killers grasp and ofc to have fun!

Dead by Daylight is an asymmetric survival horror game developed by Behaviour Interactive.
This game often goes on sale for 10$ on steam which is a complete steal.
*More accurate information about the killer, survivor, perks, and add-ons will soon follow when the PTB releases.

Cheers and see you guys in the Fog!!

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