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Keep it Trashy This event is a spin on "Keep it Classy" for getting all your set item parts.

Theme It is about finding and gearing yourself with some of the least used or undesirable items you can find in game.

If you find items and your first thought is to salvage it, it may become the best item for your build.

All taking part in this event are required to wear the below items:

a) Legendary Gems for this Season's event - Mirinae, Teardrop of the Starweaver, Moratorium, and Mutilation Guard
Legendary Gem.

b) ring - Unity

c) ring - Arcstone

d) belt - String of Ears

e) Amulet - Overwhelming Desire( bounty item )

Main Event - We will make random Teams of 4 players or smaller (based on participation) - Each team will check each others profile to make sure they all have the required items worn or in the cube -

Each team will Start the event by completing a level 60 greater rift and progress through them one level at a time.

The Team that completes the highest level will win this event (Time will be the tie breaker)

This event is scheduled for 2 hours.. Meet in the Lobby 15 minutes prior to form up teams.
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