D3 S18 first weekend impressions?????


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Jan 26, 2018
Lincoln NE
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With 11 SC teams and 2 HC teams and numerous solo levelers on Friday, and with catch up Saturday and grind it Sunday.. what are your impressions for our first weekend of this new season.
I enjoyed the new items to try out from the Ammys (Squirts, Flavor of time) and bracers (barb).
Met a lot of new Clan mates and still going thru to get S17 finished up and S18 leveling event winners recognized..
what about your thoughts of the first weekend.
Season theme, whilst it is nice to see something new didn't change any playstyles. Just nice to stand in them, but I'm not really going out of my way.

All of the hardcore folks died at least once, some are almost pushing 10. Nice to have some guys, and I'm hoping more with tomorrow's game night.

This is my first time doing impale hunter and it fuckin rocks.
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