D3 pacific coast game night! Fridays at 7 pm PST

Added to Calendar: 05-03-19, 05-10-19


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Dec 7, 2017
Renton, WA
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Staff Sergeant
We have been catering to the east coast too much! Time for those of us in the pacific time zone (and friends of course) to get some play time together!

Heyduk and I will be hosting a pacific coast game night at 7 pm pst (10 pm est) on Friday’s until the end of season.

What that means for you is some organized play time with your pacific coast friends!

We hope to see you there!


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Oct 23, 2017
Washington State
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I'll make sure I'll be there this week. Really looking forward to PTR. Here's a good list of things to test:

  • LON Rat runs: These were already best Rat runs, but now they are much better thanks to 2 useful rings.
  • LON Condemn runs: as group or solo this combo gains a lot
  • LON Captain America became better too
  • LON Death Nova Necro, can this be viable now at least for speed T16s or mid GRs?
  • Chantadoros Vyr Wizard. Finally s proper Wizard speed build for 100-110 GRs. There is potential on 2-3Wiz + Barb and/or Monk combo as speed run comp.
  • Ancient and Primal Puzzle rings. What happens when you cube those. Is there a difference between Ancient and Primal?
  • T16: How much better is this for drops and materials compared to T13? This is most likely around GR75 difficulty


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Mar 17, 2018
Tempe AZ
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Of the Army
I'm going to try to make it this Friday the 26th. The last time I was there, when you carried my brand new seasonal character, was fun!
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