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[LONDON 2018]
– Added tournament items for the FACEIT 2018 London CS:GO Major Championship and the London 2018 Pick’Em Challenge.
– Later today, CS:GO will be freely available for offline play and GOTV viewing by installing “CS:GO – Free” from the Steam Store.

– Added better support Panorama UI on low-end machines via @panorama_eco_mode (default 1). 0: disabled. 1: automatic. 2: forced on
– Added support for weapon stickers and character gloves on the character featured in the main menu.
– Fixed a case where weapon finishes appeared overly dark.
– Adjusted optimal movie resolution based on user’s CPU and GPU levels.
– Fixed extra bright flashlight on characters when loading non-HDR community maps.

– Darkened exposed metal on ejection port and bolt.
– Added support for MP5-SD to workshop workbench.

– fixed texture blends in T-spawn area.

[ MISC ]
– CS:GO has bid farewell to the Scaleform UI. “-legacyscaleformui” is no longer supported.
– Updated the Settings menu to display the Steam Controller Configurator if a Steam Controller is detected.
– Added a new recommended Steam Controller config to better support the Buy menu and Team Select menu.
– Miscellaneous stability and security improvements.

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