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A lot of changes are coming to the CS:GO section of fever. As many of you may have noticed, I have been working hard on updating the section's forums and getting servers and squads put together. With that said, I would like to invite everyone to the public fun server opening event night.

Time: 1800 EsT. (6:00 pm)
Server: feverclanpub.game.nfoservers.com
Server will be set to download from steam workshop for faster downloads.

Fever will be promoting it's new public fun server in our CS:GO recruitment post in hopes of increasing numbers for our section. Right now the server is a 21 man server with a single reserve spot and can be increased if needed up to a 64 man server. All information can be found on the stickies in our section. Donations are welcomed and can not be touched by Fever as they are put in a coffer designated by the server company and only used for server. This means your donations are not touched or miss used.

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Unfortunately, I think this offer is no longer available. It's been quite a few years. You found this thread too late. I can tell you about globalcsgo instead. It's a good, quality service where you can be one of the first to know all the essential news about your favorite game. I know that the last offer was also limited, but don't worry, because globalcsgo is always open for you. I'm sure it's a worthy substitute. Let me know how you feel about the experience.
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