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Updating 6/29/20:

There are quite a few great links to help new/current/elite players in the game. If you have any more that you think could be of use to players please send me a message and I'll include it here!

GW2 Ultimate Map Guide

Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 10.59.57 PM.png

This map guide shows all locations to get you that sweet 100% map completion (necessary for a few things in game!) You just click on the map you're in, keep it open and just reference it when you need to know what you're looking for from hearts to waypoints, vistas, masteries and more!

Jumping Puzzles (Complete list)

Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 10.59.28 PM.png

Here we have the full list of all 44 jumping puzzles in game along with helpful videos on how to get through each one.

Snow Crows Guides

Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 10.58.53 PM.png

Snowcrows is a fantastic up to date source on best in slot/rotations/best in role etc for raids/general use of your toon. You should definitely give the guide tabs a look over, you'll learn a lot.

GW2 Wiki

Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 10.58.36 PM.png

Fittingly enough the GW2 wiki is actually chalked full of great and useful/up to date information. General info/places/points of interest etc you could utilize this, no doubt.

GW2 World Boss Timers

So there are actually quite a few of these so I'll post the ones I find to be great with info but probably not too confusing it will make your head spin.

Wiki Timer - Guild Wars Temple - GW2 Timer

If you are just getting started with crafting, or are looking for the quickest and most efficient way to speed level your crafting skills these guides will fit the bill.

Gw2 Crafting Guides

They have guides for all of the different crafting skills that will show you how to power level your crafting from 0 to max.​
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