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Dec 11, 2014
Carbondale, IL
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Lets get some Officers involved in some Forum Games shall we!

The goal of this game is simple: count to 100, either as an Officer or Enlisted force

Players should attempt to count, in order, to 100 before a member of the opposite group interrupts. Each player may only post one number at a time and should not post twice in a row. This means that before a player posts a second number, a different player must post before them


Player A: 1
Player B: 2
Player C: 3
Player A: 4
Player D: 5
Fever Officer A: 1!
Player A: 1
Fever Officer A: 1
Fever Officer B: 2
Fever Officer C: 3
Player A: 1
Fever Officer A: 1

If, by mistake, two or more of the same number is posted in a row by different players, those 'duplicate' numbers may not be counted as a new number. For instance, if two 10's were posted, the next player may not continue at 12. Instead, he or she must continue at 11.


One number per post.
You must wait for two other regular members to post before posting again.
Officers must wait for two other officers to post before posting again.
Once an Officer interrupts an Enlisted the Officer-Count is set back to 0
Once an Enlisted interrupts an Officer the Enlisted-Count is set back to 0
If two or more posts in a row have the same number, they cannot be counted as the number they were meant to be.
Duplicate posts/numbers should not be edited!
Numbers must be posted in order.

Good Luck!!

Hall of Fame

1st officer win 100: Page 71 [MENTION=48366]efgodlike[/MENTION] and [MENTION=50575]Deltascourge[/MENTION]
1st enlisted win 100: Page 107 [MENTION=36914]amoretpax199[/MENTION] Debateble >.>
Officer Win 100: Page 1452 [MENTION=34692]Synizta[/MENTION] [MENTION=71602]Lustrum[/MENTION] [MENTION=68009]Arimil[/MENTION]
Officer Win 100: Page 1543
Officer Win Pages 1678-1688 - [MENTION=53012]Sithis[/MENTION] [MENTION=34692]Synizta[/MENTION] [MENTION=72906]Axle[/MENTION] [MENTION=53250]Kimenu[/MENTION] [MENTION=37458]Baum[/MENTION]


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May 4, 2015
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Retired Leader
Psst... I have an idea... why not wait till somewhere in the late 80s/early 90s and then post?
Preferably of course at 99 ;)

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