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Contagion Event Title Suggestions

As per the Blog Post, G1 is looking to us, the players, for suggestions for New Titles as rewards for gaining progress during the Reloaded Contagion Event. Love it or hate it, I think this is a great idea, I mean if anything it gives G1 a break from having to think up new titles and it puts the responsibility back on to the community to make the APB the way they want it, because if the G1 Forums are any suggestion, nothing G1 can do will make them happy, at least this way we can turn around and say "Hey, you made these, so quit complaining".

Okay rant aside, if you've got some ideas or suggestions for new Contagion-related Titles to give out during the event, head over to the G1 Forums and stake your claim!

This thread is for the Contagion event title suggestions. For more information on the event please review this blog post.

If you have suggestions for the Epidemic event titles, please post them to the forum thread.

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