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Everything That You Need to Know About Fever Coins Guide

What are Fever Coins

Fever Coins are a Fever Clan exclusive virtual reward token system that allows you to purchase a variety of wonderful things, such as temporary or permanent nickname changes to yourself or others, a special private password protected Discord channel, and other unique options. There are many ways that you can earn these coins. You can also see what other people’s coin counts are at any time. Here is an overview of everything that you need to know about Fever Coins.

What to spend Fever Coins on

What are Fever coins used for? Here is a chart of the current list of items you can purchase with your coins:​

Current Items to Purchase
Coins cost



Add to someone's or your own nickname for at least 1 week up to Colonel





Add to someone's or your own nickname for at least 2 weeks up to Colonel





Add to a General's nickname for at least a week!





Add to a Leaders nickname for at least week!





Change a General's or below Avatar for at least a week!





Change a Leader's Avatar for at least a week!





Have an emoticon of your choice added to the discord!





Buy a Player of the Week Nomination Slot





Receive a single enlisted Rankup





Block all nickname changes on discord. You will never have your nickname changed again!





Unlimited Nickname changes for yourself. Others can still pay to change your nickname and you get to change it again afterwards





Buy a spot in the Member Spotlight





Buy a Gold Fever Icon next to your Discord tag!





Achieve Vetted Member Rank!





Achieve Platinum Member Rank





Achieve Diamond Member Rank




*Subject to change at the discretion of the Fever Coin Administrators.

How to earn Fever Coins

Wondering how you earn coins? Well there are many ways!​

Joining Fever Clan

Coin Earning Action

Number of coins

Becoming a Member



Each time you get promoted you earn coins as an additional perk.

Rank Promoted to

Number of coins









Action for Coins

Number of Coins



coins for every 1.00 (one) dollar donated. We always need donations to keep the clan up and running!​


coins for every 1.00 (one) dollar Fever Clan gets in commissions from the Fever Store.​
Social Media


coins for each Subscribe on FeverClan YouTube and Fever Clan Twitch, Follow on FeverClan Twitter, or Like on FeverClan Facebook. Lastly, make sure to subscribe on our FeverClan Reddit and join our Steam group!​


coins a week. See Fever Clan Jobs for how to become a moderator.​


coins for each member that joins and uses your name as a referral. Keep this up. You will get further rewards such as promotions and awards.​


coins for approved ideas in the Fever Clan Suggestions Forum that are implemented.​

Game Nights

Action for Coins

Number of Coins


coins awarded for actively taking part in Game Night.


coins awarded to the host of a Game night.


Epic Coins

Player of the WeekMonthly FNG

Action for Coins

Number of Coins

How coins are awarded
Player of the Week

coins awarded to those that win

Outstanding Achievement

coins awarded by a FDR/LDR for outstanding achievement in Fever.

Tournaments and Squads

Action for Coins

Number of Coins


[coins per tournament for active participation.

Squad Wins

coins to each player of the winning team for each win. This does not include Scrimmage, substitutes, or PUGs. This is for Full Fever Squad Members who take part in the Squad Win.

New Squads

coins per member the new squad. Can only be awarded once to any member.


coins per tournament to the hosting and administration of the tournament

Hardcore Helping

Fever Channel

Action for Coins

Number of Coins


coins for every well thought-out, and written blog entry.


coins per hour for each student coached.


coins per quality guide created. Must be reviewed and approved by section leaders.


coins per hour for a total maximum of 5 hours of streaming of the official twitch. Exceptions can be made for Streamers who put in +15 hours per week


coins a month max for graphics and video production. This will be determined on a case by case basis.

Beta Keys

*see Note

Donating Beta keys will grant coins based on rarity of the Game. Send a message to Cybernetcrash with your keys. The amount of coins will be tiered based on rarity of the keys. This is at the discretion of the Beta Key Administrator.


*see Note

There will be random weekly and monthly tasks that will be posted in the forums. Amount of coins awarded will be at the discretion of the administrator of the task and the quality of the task itself upon completion.

Who can earn Fever Coins

Anyone that is a Full Fever Member can earn Fever Coins. You might be asking what is a Full Fever Member? This is defined as a person that has been approved by an officer to join the clan. These members have completed an Application and have done a Discord Interview. If you have any questions about this, please send a message to any officer.

Where to see Fever Coin Count:

Fever Coins can be found on discord by using the command !economy-stats

You can also find Fever Coins by using the command !money [member]

When to expect Fever Coins to update on your profile:

They are awarded after a Coin Administrator has reviewed the corresponding coin request and manually applied coin rewards.

What do I do if I am missing Fever Coins?

Please wait for 24 hours from the time the event has taken place before you submit a request to the administrator about rewarding the coins you are missing.
People that award the coins know you have earned your coins and will update your Fever Coin count as soon as possible.

Who to contact if missing or wish to purchase something from the Fever Coin store:

Contact any Fever Coin Administrator, MrCruz Thundernut in the form of a private message.
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