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May 9, 2015




I want to see what you guys think about this and it is really a topic that I've seen going around.
There are a few teams in COD that just start or come out of the blue. The COD Champs are suppose
to have teams that would be already known and stuff. You don't just allow some team to join
in the middle of COD Champs and throw off everyone. Also the more upper class teams that
join the COD Champs mid tournament are sometimes paying refs to let them cheat.
When your on stage the consoles and game are already set up and you would be able to scrim with
the team but they don't let anyone see the footage of scrims. What happens is sometimes
the other team just won't flat out play the scrims. So it is completely unfair and throws us off
when we don't know their playstyle.

For example

COL is a clan that comes out of no where in COD Champs. We haven't heard of them at all.
They are more of an Upper Class team and they pay good money to other teams and all that.
Heres the thing. There was a rumor going around that they had paid a ref to tweak the settings
in the game before the match and they were using settings that would go in their favor.

The settings consisted of... Lower health ... Headshots only for a round ... etc

They possibly even tweaked the other team's sensitivity for the game.

This is the shit you have to deal with when playing other teams.
If you guys ever go into COD Champs brace yourself for those Upper Class teams..

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