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With Classic WoW less than month away at this point it is time to look at how leveling was done back then and also apply learnings from Beta as well. Ideally it should be possible to do some group leveling without it being slower than solo leveling.

What to expect from leveling in Classic WoW
  • Fastest levelers in the world are going to use around 4 full days of playtime to hit level 60.
  • Back in Original Vanilla WoW, the fastest leveler finished within 4 days 20 hours and 49 minutes with a troll hunter
  • The above times are pure playtime, not calendar time.
  • Common leveling times:
    • 5-6 days played = fast (player is rushing or playing a fast class, or both)
    • 7-8 days played = medium/decent speed
    • 9-12 days played = player is taking their time
    • 12-15 days played = kind of slow
  • When leveling as fast as possible it often means not keeping up your professions and leveling those after hitting 60. If you are not trying to be among the very first level 60s, I would suggest leveling your professions as well while leveling your character. This may not be possible for all professions due to material needs, but should be possible for any gathering profession.
  • We understand that played time vs calendar time is different and therefore we have no plans on starting Raiding until 2nd month after release as guild/clan.
  • NOTE: When servers open for playing, there will be massive flood of people playing and it may be difficult to complete some of the early quests without extreme competition for mobs. The last stress test will give good view of this when it happens.
Leveling Strategies
  1. Solo questing
    1. Best classes for this are Hunter and Druid
    2. Hunter has low downtime and same is true for druid. Both have early movement speed increases as well.
  2. Solo Questing with grouping for Elite quests and one run for each Dungeon for quests (ok, 2-3 runs for dungeons BRD+ to cover all quests)
    1. Do this this efficiently, one needs to know where to pick up all the quests and what prerequisites to complete in advance. Running to each quest giver just before dungeon run can add hour before you can even start.
  3. Solo grinding
    1. Great for avoiding the beaten path (aka normal quest routes)
    2. Guaranteed way to get your level 40 mount without any trouble
    3. You will be grinding relatively easy to kill monsters that have good drop tables
  4. Dungeon AOE grinding
    1. Melee Cleave
      1. Most common group combo for this: 3 Warriors, 1 Bear Druid, 1 Shaman
      2. Theorycrafting on Warrior
    2. Caster AOE
      1. Most common group combo for this: 3 Mages, 1 Warlock, 1 Priest
  5. General 5 man leveling with Dungeons
    1. Read this class specific primer for how to do it
  6. Mage AOE leveling
    1. Need to be ahead of the pack and have the area for yourself to be able to do this efficiently
    2. NOTE: With 2 mages, you can turn most any pulls to AOE pulls if played right.
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