Jan 31, 2015
This anime is up there on my, "I don't know why this is even a thing, but it's amazing," scale. If you're into the type of anime that's not serious whatsoever, but has a ton of comedic action this is the perfect anime. This may not be one of those, "I'll watch this in one sitting," type of anime, but it is a nice one to sit back with some snacks and a good drink. It's even better to watch with friends!.

Sato Yo is a high school boy who likes SEGA games. One day, he enters a grocery store to buy some food for dinner. When he tries to take a bento box, he loses consciousness. He comes around to find all the bento sold out. He notices there is a war game going on at grocery stores and players called "Wolves" compete for the half-priced bento. Yarizui Sen, the leader of the Half-Pricer Club, forces Yo to join the club and he enters the bento war.

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