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Nov 4, 2014
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Hello! If you're reading this then you might be interested in becoming a Content Creator for Battlefield Series! Here's what you need to know about being a Content Creator. Your job would entail posting in this part of the forums on a regular basis, to keep conversations going and keeping up activity overall. As of now, requirements are: 1) making at least 1 new thread a week and 2) leave 2 comments in the other threads around here, regardless of whether that is replying to others, or offering your own insight. That aside, an important part is to keep everyone updated regarding Battlefield Series news, either that is patch notes, update information and so on, as it would really help everyone around here!

Some perks about being a Content Creator
- 200 Fever Coins a week
- Recognition due to activity (promotions)
- Award opportunities

If you believe that making fun content for all of our members is something you can do, or if you have any further questions about the Content Creator Department please do send a message to [MENTION=66723]Requ1em[/MENTION], [MENTION=69235]Hemera[/MENTION] or [MENTION=71552]MekaQ[/MENTION] Thanks!
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