Aug 24, 2015
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I actually wrote a review on a different thread going to try and quote it here

[MENTION=49747]Hazazer[/MENTION] umm kk I got a few moments too bad ya can't come watch the stream. I will be trying to make a youtube video review as well

What I need to start off with is that I have played the game on ultra graphics/full surround sound as well as medium graphics/headphones (due to when i stream i need the lower settings). When playing the game on uber graphics and medium it really really is awe inspiring. The visuals are in such great detail looking in the distance and seeing all the blaster fire going off with lasers going off everywhere is like being in the movie itself... but even more real. Walker assault, drop zone, and survival all equally wowed me from the get go... and there is a bunch more modes that will be released with projected plans for new maps to come out in the future... WOW!

Let me tackle Walker Assault first... WWWWOOOOWWW!. The first time I loaded in I was blown away. Granted I had not researched anything on how to play or read any of the information soo all i was was a dude with a blaster looking to destroy the rebel scum. At first I am like oh cool look at that dead walker... OH S$$T THAT IS A REAL WALKING WALKER... hmm what is that circle that looks like a walker symbol... oh hit LB + RB (I use an xbox controller on my pc. I like it better)... OH SNAP I AM A WALKER!!! lol As time went on I learned the walker is not the end of the fun. You get the chance to be Luke, Vader, AT-AT, AT-ST, A-WING, X-WING, & TIE FIGHTER(MULTIPLE TYPES). On top of that to walk from one side of the map to the other will legit take a couple minutes. What a feat the company accomplished by making this map and I do mean accomplished because they have created a master piece. The epic feeling does not stop all the way to the end. The sound effects are beeeeyond amazing. The first time I opened the shield and heard lasers bouncing off it I was stunned. When you get that moment to hover around as vader or sprint as luke it is like a nerd-gasm. First time I died in about 15 seconds... but I have since gotten the hang of it and thwarting the enemies as one of the heroes has to be one of the coolest features in this battle. walking down the base hallway as vader force choking deflecting blaster shots and flinging the saber at people made me feel like a bad ass.

There are some downsides though with walker assault and since it is in beta I am pretty sure they will be on the road of fixing these things in the near future... especially after they compile their info. It is a mixture of too damn hard to kill the AT-AT and people not knowing how to right as the republic. Very rarely do the republic cap the initial points and when they do it is a short lived moment. I think if the AT-ST's were not available till after the first cap point it will cause for a little more fun fighting at the start instead of a beastly onslaught of 2 AT-ST's, Tie Fighters, AT-AT, and a ton of storm troopers. Make it the storm troopers (without AT-ST's) having to storm the trenches with the rebels holding and it would not just be more fun and balanced, but make a little more sense since it is the rebel base they would be already in their defenses. Other than all of that in the beta it does seem like hit recognition is a little lagged at times. You can clearly be shooting someone(I have seen my past broadcasts and know it is happening) and land multiple hits but that person seems to 2 shot you with an inferior damage output weapon. Since it is a stress test/beta this is most likely something that will be fixed... but if not it really really would be a shame.

I have played far less of the Drop Zone mode but yet again it is a home run visually. The map is not a 1 floor map and causes for interesting situations. There really is no camping on this map since pretty much anyone with creds will have a jet pack ready to jump up the cliff to shoot you lol. It is probably 1/100th the size of Walker Assault and for sure shows how different the modes can be in this game. It us pretty gruesome of a mode to play. Since it is soooo fast paced it makes you have to always keep that head on a swivel looking up cliffs and chancing grenades around blind corners.

As well in this as in the walker assault I have noticed lagged shot credit. Since it is rather small and spawn points at times can get bunched up it causes for a lack of smoothness to the mode. Like oh that pod spawn point some how is right next to the enemy and I get spawn on the opposite side of the map... or oh look i died kk time to respawn... oh look a rebel standing right in front of me shooting me greeeeat. lol The mode though was really fun in its faced paced short duration matches. Not something that anything ranked can come from but a fun mode none the less.

The survival mode... yet again visually amazing and the map is ssssoooo tiered. I found myself continuously falling into caves due to looking around in awe lol. Once i got the hang of it I was hooked... I only wish that I could have played it on anything harder than "If I sneeze I win mode". Easy was just waaaaay too easy. I think easy is a nice training mode good to play it just once and get the map/style/order down. I still played it a bunch of times to find the collectibles since I am a collector like that (half a year of archaeology in WoW to get the items for the alchemy mount ended up paying 27k gold dern the rng of item drops). Seeing the AT-ST and destroying it on a map that has plenty of hiding places for it to chase you into made me think this mode on higher levels of difficulty will be packed with adrenaline raising fun lol. I find the AT-ST to be a terrifying thing to be starring at lol something about those dead eyes and emotionless mechanical face that just wants to blast or step on me makes me scared lol.

All in all I mean Graphics on all the available modes 10 out of fricken 10. The sound effects and music 10 out of fricken 10. The gameplay with all the glitches Walker assault 10/10(if the unbalancedness does not get fixed by launch 6/10). Drop Zone a strong 8/10, since it is a little too fast paced and chaotic. I think that making a map in a fps needs to provide the layout that works best for team initiations and battles. This mode is often random grenades and random suicide dashes for 1 person trying to get a cap that is really easy and fast to cap. Survival mode I am sure on harder difficulties will be amazing. I only wish it was able to be played with more than 2 people. I will still give it 10/10 (after launch if the harder modes are not balanced well though this will go down because just the easyness of this mode right now makes it a 7/10)

Somethings other than the modes I noticed that were odd. Grouping up with friends to play was BEYOND hard. I tried a few times to group up with people and queue. I do not understand why it does not auto pull them into the queue. It seems very very wonky. I want to group up have 1 person hit the queue button and boom queue pop we are in match. This has to be the simplest thing and I hope they will change this before launch. People should not have to read up on how to group and queue. This is like taking how to dial a phone and changing it. I think by this point group up and 1 person queues is the universal standard. as standard as the term SOS. I have heard also that all the weapons shown are not all that will be in release which is good. Also the cards/perks are not all that will be in at launch soooo that is really cool.

Final sum up though The game is impressive and the fact that it is at most 1/10th the entire game makes me think they are saving the real oh snap modes for launch. if the other modes have the same level of visuals and sound effects I am sure any gamer would not be wasting their money in buying the game. It can suite any style of gamer from the casual to the uber competitive.

The website game was fun too but that is a different topic lol KK hope this is somewhat good time for me to go to bed laterz

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May 18, 2015
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I think it has a ways to go before I even consider spending money on it. If they have a demo or gametime for it I might give it a try after it comes out, but other than that, I have no plans on buying it. It just didn't feel like a Star Wars game to me.


Aug 3, 2010
It was a fairly good demo, Obviously abit imbalanced (walker assult) but boy, it did capture the star wars feel atleast. The air combat was pretty much horrible though, so i hope they will fix that. Dont know how it will hold up a few month after realese though, since its so focused on casual play. But i did have ALOT of fun with the beta. And anyone who says its liek battlefield obviously have no clue what they are talking about xD (Dont know why there are still so many ppl saying that)

But as always, if you are still unsure iff you want the game, wait for the full reviews after the realese =)


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Mar 1, 2009
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Game is awesome, the higher level players do have all the better gear though, that's completely true.
I love how it's both 3rd and 1st at the flick of a switch


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Dec 6, 2016
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Battlefront was a great game I played the Beta myself and I loved it in the near future I am probably going to buy the game

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