Aug 10, 2015
Louisville, KY

With the release of the new game coming in Oct. The clan will need to know how much interest there is for this game within the community. If enough interest, and those willing to help get the section moving along, we could see the Battlefield series become a huge part of the Fever community again.

Take the initiative and start recruiting for what could become one of Fevers largest communities!

If we can get the section rolling before the release, it will make it that much easier to continue its progress.

Please post your interest in the section and what you would like to see done within it in this thread.

[MENTION=27786]Thundernut[/MENTION]; [MENTION=39429]heybob[/MENTION]; [MENTION=49845]jbo96[/MENTION]; [MENTION=50115]Tipherion[/MENTION];


May 19, 2016
I've been looking forward to this game for a long time. Hoping to get in beta signed up months ago. If this is as fun as it looks I may make this my main game. But as far what I would like to see our own server would be nice, game nights all the stuff overwatch has going on would be awesome. If I can in anyway just let me know I'll start recruiting I would like to see this game do well.

The Rev

Oct 30, 2015
I've been an avid Battlefield player since Bad Company 1, I've been anticipating this release/beta since they first revealed it. I've been wanting to see something like Battlefield 1 for some time now. Let me know if there is anything that needs done to help this section grow. Having our own server would be a great thing, but as always they won't offer purchasable servers right off the start. I'm definitely interested. [MENTION=53975]Muldred[/MENTION]

I look forward to seeing you on the battlefield [MENTION=68292]Worggy[/MENTION]


Thread starter
Aug 10, 2015
Louisville, KY
If you are seriously interested in making this game huge in this community, like the major sections rolling today, let me and [MENTION=49845]jbo96[/MENTION] know so that we can get you set up with what all it will entail.
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