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Feb 15, 2017
Choosing a suitable pal for your primary can be a difficult decision.
You can't be messing around with the choice when your sidearm could very well be your second chance.
Like any other weapon in battlefield 1, A lot comes down to personal preference.

if you have a weapon that you'd like to see some specific stats on, this site: BF1 Weapon Stats: Damage, Accuracy etc. | Symthic
show's you everything from muzzle velocity and bullet drop rate to damage drop, shot multipliers and recoil direction/amounts.

Some of the very most popular choices would be
M1911: One of the standard pistols every player has access to. It's also one of the greatest ones out there.
Range definitely could be better on this one
35 Dmg up to 9 meter
steadily dropping to 21 Dmg at 20 meters it is a very effective weapon for short to mid range combat
taking a typical 3 bullets inside of 10 meters and upwards of 5 bullets at the 20 meters(in Hardcore that is 3 bullets up to 10 meters and 4 at 20 meters)
A Fire rate of 299 RPM and a rather fast reload speed.
Would be a good pick for any in your face type soldiers.

Mars Automatic: Specific to the Medic and Scout classes.
with a whopping 40 Dmg inside of 15 meters it's a 3 shot kill and a 4 shot up to 30 meters and a spread a lot lower then the M1911
(in hardcore it's a 2 shot kill up to 15 meters and a 3 shot kill up to 30 meters)
and of course with more stopping power comes lower fire rate it drops from the M1911's 299 Rpm down too 199 Rpm and a reload time of 3 seconds compared to the 1.7 of the M1911 it sure is a noticeable difference for mid range combat this would typically trump the M1911

Frommer stop: a pistol quicker then you and your enemy
with a bit less Dmg at 26.5 up to 9 meters dropping to 18 Dmg at 20 meters it more them makes up for it with high hip-fire accuracy
and an insane fire rate of 449 Rpm and a reload speed of 1.25 - 2 seconds
4 bullet kill up to 9 meters up to 6 bullets at 20 meters(hardcore would be 4 bullet kill at 9 meters and a 5 bullet kill at 20 meters)
this is a great finisher and close quarter option for the scout and a personal favorite.

what is your favorite pistol?
did this help you?
thank you for reading!
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