Guides: Battlefield 1 For Dummies


Feb 15, 2017
maybe you recently start playing Battlefield 1, maybe you'v already been playing for a couple hundred hours.
but out there in the battlefield i see alot of people that could use a handfull of tips and tricks.
so here's a general guideline that will give you a small advantage starting out.

1:: Get to know the map in a very detailed way, that means where the enemy usually hide and/or come from and the usual sniping/hiding positions at capture zones and such

1.5:: Always use cover or you will die... fast

2:: Don't just go for kills
Playing the objective will not only keep you alive longer than running around like a dog that touched the electric fence for the first time, but will get you alot more experience as well

3:: Don't shoot at everyone you see. if you're behind enemy lines sometimes it's better to keep hidden then take not likely to hit shots at enemies running past a doorway
play the range of your weapon(don't go sniping with a shotgun)

3.5:: Always use cover

4:: Teamwork is important and so is having a functioning squad(tho this appears to be rather rare). If your squad leader isn't setting orders, request orders as this also gives experience
if he still doesn't after a few attempts at requesting orders, join or make a new squad and set the orders yourself.

5:: Get to know your weapon. keep to a few weapons you really like and then practice practice practice, don't switch weapon and/or settings too often as this prevents you from building muscle memory.
Your aim and reaction time will steadily increase with practice(keep in mind that you won't become a BF1 pro player over night)

6:: Your gadgets all give you and your team an advantage if you use them, that is.

7:: Use your microphone, communication with your squad gives you a huge advantage. Even if your squad don't have a mic or don't want to use it, they will often respond to what you are saying.

7.5:: Always use cover!

8:: Be a team player. This is very important in BF1 where the classes are very role-specific (no jack of all traits). All classes have specific abilities to help you and your teammates.
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