Starcraft 2: August FSL

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Mar 24, 2013
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FSL (Fever Star League) is a monthly tournament for the Starcraft 2 FeverClan members. The below link shows the tournament brackets. Participants receive Fever coins after they lose 2 games against a player or win the entire tournament. The winner of the FSL receives a ribbon and coins for committing to the tournament. Players contact their opponent and organize a time when both players can commit to games.

August FSL

FSL starts on the first day of the month.

Starting map is chosen from the poll posted on the sign ups thread the 15th of each month
. This does mean that people get to vote for the map they wanna start on (every month).

This FSL's starting map will be Bridgehead LE.

*Super Important* Errors with map (500+ range missile turrets, lack of debris on bottom of ramp) should be re-hosted if possible. Lag or disconnects should be resumed from replay. DO NOT PLAY A NEW GAME IF A PLAYER DISCONNECTS. *Super Important*

Each round (1 through Semi-finals) is Best of 3 until Finals. Finals is a Best of 5.

Upload replays to and post results on this thread.

Any concerns or questions you got regarding this FSL, contact me either via PM or by posting your question on this thread. You may ask me if I've seen your opponent, but at the end of the day, getting the games done is the players' responsibility, and for that purpose contact the other player and organize a time through them by:

Fever Clan Private Messaging
Starcraft 2 through Fever Clan Chat or PM ingame.

Friendly tips:

Play the match to the best of your ability.
You will probably be nervous. So will your opponent.
Don't give up after the first game. Have a positive mindset throughout the course of every match.
Be respectful towards your opponent.
Lastly, play to have fun in the game, this is not a ladder game where you play against a non-Fever member. You are playing against a Fever Clan member. The Fever Standard is in effect so good sportsmanship should take place by both players regardless of who wins.


Round 1: August 17th
Round 2: August 24th
Final round: August 31th

No-shows/ No contact/response my wife ate my homework will be removed after 2 days from the round's deadline. If a player has a serious, real-life issue that prevents them from playing their match, the other player should post that they won because of the reason provided by the other player and that they spoke with them about it. The player communicating that they won will move on. Please, make sure you post the results of your games. You may establish random conversations on this thread, as long as they are somewhat related to the tourament itself (eg: "hey man, those marines really gave me a run for my money, do you think you could help me practice vs that sometime?")

If both players make 0 contact with each other, both will be removed. Being removed counts as not fully committing to the FSL which means they do not get Fever coins.

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If I like your post that means its been updated for your next match. Gl hf!


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May 12, 2013
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Flarefly 2-0 is down for me will try to upload games later

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Mar 24, 2013
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[MENTION=50947]BlackKnight[/MENTION] and [MENTION=46717]DeathRoW[/MENTION] disqualified for unresponsiveness, you PM me if you wanna reach some sort of agreement.
[MENTION=35525]DrSmitherine[/MENTION] vs me [MENTION=47066]Valoseu[/MENTION] vs [MENTION=25637]Flarefly[/MENTION]

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