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Nov 10, 2014
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I know this anime is pretty popular, but I never watched it until just recently and I can't believe I hadn't watched it sooner. Though it may have its gorey moments, the plot is pretty good and I became addicted to it pretty quickly. Anyone else share the same views?



Dec 26, 2015
I haven't read the manga but the anime is pretty good. It has a good plot. I can't wait until season 2 ^.^


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Apr 5, 2013
Shit show with a terrible fan base. Manga is literally "you're a titan, you're a titan, you're a titan!" and now they have a serum to make you a titan. Wow, how cool!

This shows main attention grabber was that it was original, and for the most part it was. Titans were a new concept, the 3D gear was a new concept, and it looked pretty. WIT studio hadn't done anything before SnK, so it was also a fresh studio. But, if you looked at the cast, you'd notice that the director was Tetsuro Araki, the same guy who directed Death Note and Guilty Crown, and a few other series. Death Note in particular was good until about one point that everyone agrees on, which is L's death. After that it just turns into repeated shenanigans that doesn't really need to happen. Guilty Crown also had a failed turning point, which was coincidentally also half way through the series(Shuu becoming the school leading edgelord).

While the source material for any of these shows was never particularly good, the way you direct an anime adaptation pays a key role in delivery. Look at the next big shounen people are talking about: Boku no Hero Academia. Notice how slow and dragged out a lot of those episodes were? What took BONES four hours to adapt took me an hour to read. Imagine if all the anticipation and building up actually went somewhere. SnK did a poor job on delivering a majority of their episodes. The Annie and Eren fights were cool, but that took up a max of three episodes if memory serves me right. The rest was them hyping up these fights and the mystery of "What's in the basement?" (Still not answered) or "What do we do with Eren?" (All of season two).

Then we have the gruesome and dark aspect that people bring up. SnK did it right for a few deaths, specifically Eren's mother getting eaten and the random fodder in the beginning. It showed how helpless humanity is in the face of Titan's and that everyone putting their reliance on the Survey Corps needs a reality check, because when push comes to shove, even they're afraid and powerless. So I beg to question how a series that inevitably has everyone die unless you're apart of the main cast (Levi, Erin, Mikasa, Armin maybe) is dark and gruesome. There is no feeling for them when you're faced with the reality that ultimately they will die in who knows how long.


Jun 14, 2016
Only thing I remember from it was almost every single episode gave the viewer an incredibly painful catch up of the previous episodes. I mean come on, do I really need to be reminded of the past 5 episodes for almost 3 minutes straight, and then have to listen to the OP for another minute and a half. That's almost 5 minutes of the 'new' episode used up without showing any new content. That's unacceptable.

I had read the manga (dropped now) before the TV show aired which might influence this, but holy hell it was so damn slow. I think they spent about 3 or 4 episodes riding those horses or whatever through the forest when they were trying to catch the female type Eoten. It became way too tedious for me at many points.

Then you had the 'big' reveal about Eotens in the wall. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't they barely even show it. I remember them showing a close up of the wall right at the end of the final episode for maybe a second or two. If you're gonna do a cliff hanger at least make it exciting.

Not to do with production, but Eren is the blandest character ever. Nothing stand out or something that makes him unique from every other 'Only I can save them with my power!' character that ever existed.

Of course there are some positives about it. The animation looked pretty good (apart from some 'quality' moments). Hmm, did I say positives? I meant positive.

No chance I'll be having a look at season 2 considering how they've adapted the first season. I'm sure it'll be fun when secondaries start ruining every corner of the internet with spam about how Bert is the colossal Eoten and stuff; that is, if the even adapt that far with season 2, which would suprise me considering how abismal season 1 is.


Aug 9, 2015
A lot of people likes it. I thought it has a really slow start. Maybe it's just me... It turned me off after 5 episodes. Lol. I might rewatch it again though. I'm really tied up between One Piece, Orange, and ReLife.

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