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Jul 21, 2013




So first and foremost we have 3 ark servers running currently. We have 2 maps sticking as Valgero and Genesis 2.

The 3rd map we rotate. It is currently on Fjordur the new map with a fresh start.

Current Fever Clan Ark Server
Info: Easiest way: change the Session Filter to Unofficial, check show Password Protected, Name Filter is FeverClan (case sensitive), Game Mode is PvE

Server 1 - Valguero IP: Server Name: FeverClan Password: Bogo

Server 2 - Lost Island IP: Server Name: FeverClan 2 Password: Bogo

Server 3 - Gen2 IP: Server Name: FeverClan 3 Password: Bogo

Lastly and this is only for a short time ark is currently free on steam until the 19th June. If you want to play with your Fever friends there hasn't been a better time than now.


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