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Jul 13, 2017
Hello !

I'm Acaraco, i used to play warcraft 3 a lot, but i recently fall in love with the starcraft 2 editor, trying to create something new and innovant.
Well i finally finished my map : W4rPcraft, a 3vs3 game, and to test it to its full potential i've decided to plan an tournament on it with 450€ cashprize.
Here you will find everything : Starcraft 2 - LotV W4rPcraft
So why am i planning a tournament ? well i tried to put an pvp/competitive aspect into my map, and the only way to find out if i succeed is a tournament :), i tried to host it on arcade and play it with random people but it was totally useless, arcade players are for most part not really good :(
If you are looking for something new, exciting you should definitly check it out !

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