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A masterpiece, I tell you, A MASTERPIECE!


Dr. Kenzō Tenma is a young Japanese doctor, working at Eisler Memorial Hospital in Dsseldorf in 1986. An accomplished brain surgeon, he seems to have everything: a promotion in the offing; the favor of the hospital's director, Udo Heinemann; and Heinemann's daughter Eva as his fiance. However, Tenma is increasingly dissatisfied with the political bias of the hospital in treating patients, and seizes the chance to change things after a massacre brings fraternal twins Johan and Anna Liebert into the hospital. Tenma, going by his ethics as a doctor, decides to operate on Johan instead of the mayor of Dsseldorf, who arrived later. Johan is saved, but Mayor Roedecker dies. Tenma loses his social standing (and Eva) as a result, but comforts himself by believing he did the right thing and despairs of ever achieving his earlier high goals. However, Director Heinemann and the other doctors in Tenma's way are mysteriously murdered, and both children disappear from the hospital soon afterwards. The police suspect Tenma, since he benefits from the turn of events; however, they have no evidence and can only question him.

Nine years later, Tenma is Chief of Surgery at Eisler Memorial. A patient of his, being questioned in connection with the murder of middle-aged couples across Germany, is murdered in front of his eyes, and the killer is revealed to be Johan Liebert, the child who disappeared. Tenma tells all to the police, but they find no trace of anyone named Johan Liebert, and Tenma soon becomes the lead suspect. Distraught that what he believed was the right thing has actually led to so much misery, Tenma begins to track down Johan, wanting to hunt the Monster down as atonement for his mistake.

Tenma's hunt for Johan brings him face to face with the dingy, unpleasant underbelly of the world, from politics to organized crime, from serial killers to innocent orphans, a showcasing of how a man can turn himself into a force of evil, of how easy it is to destroy the fragile balance of life, and how frightening the unknown can be. Tenma must piece together the few hints he can find to catch Johan, but this is no game of cat & mouse, it is one determined man's struggle against something much greater, something that might have been designed to be much greater. But Tenma is not alone, even as Johan leaves destruction in his wake, Tenma is closing in, the question which he has to ask of himself is that, knowing what he knows, can he still claim to know who the Monster is, can he ever win his struggle against this evil of near-mythical proportions?

The Animated TV Series is done by Madhouse. It's old, but it's gold.


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One of my favorites anime's! I completely agree with you that Monster is fantastic! People that are into serious thrillers or mysteries could probably transition into anime fans just from watching Monster. I've only seen the original subbed version and it's the version I recommend. I have a friend who has seen both versions of the sub and the English and he's the one that told me that the original sub it is the best to watch. I'm a bit of a sub elitist so I had no problem taking his advice (hell I don't even like the English version of Cowboy Bebop).The main reason I haven't seen the other versions is not because it doesn't have re-watch value, but because it's long and I keep telling myself I don't have the time (it's pretty addicting).

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