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What rules you want to see for this tournament????

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As the title said, I'm doing an other tournament for among us. Obviously winners will get a shinny award. 3 point for imposter win, 1 for crewmate.
I'll make 3 rounds per map, 3 skeld, 3 mira and 3 polus.

It will be held this coming saturday, January 2nd at 7pm ET (4pm PT)

Making a poll for few days to see what kind of rules you guys want. More infos to come about that.
Poll will be up for 2 days. Pick if you prefer as last time, no talking and typing only; or if you prefer to voice chat(not the house's rules, the real where you just talk when you see fit and can cut the one with the "mic"). As long as its stays respectful and not just trying to always steal the attention/talk over other(means we dont yell over ppl just to be yelling). Random names/outfits/colors will still be up for both anyway.

Please sign up below so I can edit the list and fix the rules we will go for.

Miss Joker

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