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What activities would you like to focus on during the first AC:NH Game Night?

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|Fever| Ivory Flame

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Oct 14, 2019




Hello everyone!

Now that we have a number of people in Fever regularly playing AC:NH, I'd like to gauge interest in holding a one-time Game Night. Since we're coming up on the end of the Bunny Day/Cherry Blossom event, I figured this weekend would be a good time to hold one.

Within this thread header is a poll that I will be using to gauge interest on things to do/focus on during the Game Night. Please respond to it at your earliest convenience. On Friday night, I'll make an official announcement on when we're holding the Game Night and what we'll be focusing on.

If you have any questions, or have an idea for an activity to do for Game Night, feel free to respond here or send me a message in Discord.

Thanks, and Happy Gaming!

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