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Guide provided by Choobie#21896

After reading several great posts about rainbow goblins all around the forums, diablofans and reddit, I decided to put them all together into the same document. Some of the data used are acquired by me, and some of it are reported by the community. Let me know you think I used your data without giving credit!

Update: Cosmic Wings: The Journey
Update: Video example of how to run the zones!
IMPORTANT! : You now have to invite your friends to the game BEFORE killing the rainbow goblin

First of all: Why would you want to farm these?
There is one sole reason to be farming these goblins. Cosmic.Wings. It is without doubt the rarest collectible cosmetic item that anyone can acquire without purchasing something / attending a convention etc. These wings, just like any other cosmetic item, provide no benefits what so ever except for endless SWAG.

So, by now you’ve decided wether you like them or not. If you don’t feel an intense urge to get these glittery beauties, lucky you. You’re out of the hunting party and probably saved yourself a good amount of time. If you want these, however, get ready for some more reading. There are a few tips, tricks and methods you should know about to make your hunt as efficient as possible.

1.How and where?
A Rainbow Goblin (RBG from now on) is a type of goblin that only spawns in the open world (This means you will never encounter one in a rift) and drops a portal to Whimsydale upon death. Note that there can only be 1 instance of Whimsydale each game. Inside Whimsydale you will be looking for a NPC named Princess Lillian. Princess Lillian has a very low chance of spawning (not reported by Blizzard, but said to be 1-5%). Lillian has a 100% chance of dropping the Cosmic Wings for everyone inside Whimsydale when she dies. She is a unicorn npc with a special skin that’s easy to recognize.

RBG’s can spawn in any goblin spawn with a very low fixed chance. Their spawn chance haven’t been reported by Blizzard themselves, but it’s said to be somewhere between 1-10%. The table below, provided by redditors of this community, shows the results of a sample size of 1136 goblins, 39 of which were RBG’s. Yeah. That few. This means we’re going to have to try being as efficient as possible and maximizing our chances of finding them. I’ve included some of my personal favourite routes below. These are by no means “the best” routes to farm, as it’s completely RNG, but they are a nice mix of small zones and zones with a high chance of spawning a goblin. Feel free to mix up your route with the zones you like the most, but keep in mind that you want a high amount of goblins/hour. Therefore, doing one zone over and over might not be efficient as a large portion of your hunting time will be loading screens and recreating games.

Also, game difficulty does NOT affect goblin spawns. Hunt at a comfortable difficulty level (I do Torment 1).

1.Leorics hunting grounds
2.Northern Highlands
3.Southern Highlands
4.Cave of the moon clan level 1 and 2 in Southern highlands
5.Leorics passage
6.Pandemonium Fortress level 1 only.
7.Gardens of Hope 1st Tier

Route 2:
1. Leoric's Passage.
2. Royal Crypts. Spawn
3. Northern Highlands and Leoric's Hunting Grounds
3. Southern Highlands and in Cave of the Moon Clan level 1 and 2.
4. Festering Woods.
5. Defiled Crypts.

Route 3:
1.Northern Highlands
2.Southern Highlands ( Moon clan 1-2 only)
3.Leoric's Passage
4.Royal crypts
5.Tower of the damned 1-2
6.Core of arreat ( the short one before boss)

Route 4:
1.Leoric's passage (You can go here from Old Ruins or Cathedral 1 if you’re familiar with the layout)
2.Northern Highlands / Leoric's Hunting Grounds(Can be one gob per section of map)
3.Southern Highlands (Straight to cave of the moon clan)
4.Cave of the Moon Clan 1&2 (can be one gob per floor)
5.Pandemonium Fortress 1 (if you don't know this map well, skip or only clear a small portion of it. Gob count here is 2 or 0, if you find 1 go looking for the other)
6.Ancient Waterway - Western and Eastern Channel 1&2
7.Sewers of Caldeum
8.The Core of Arreat

2.Getting to know other hunters.
This is probably the most important tip of them all. You should really join one or more communities that are made for farming rainbow goblins. I play on EU-servers and I use “Rainbow Goblin” and “Rainbow Goblin Farm” (maybe you’ve seen me there, I’m named “ramBch” in-game). While I don’t know their names specifically, I know for sure that there are similar communities on the US servers. In these communities you find other people to farm with, you discuss farming routes/tips and you share your/join others RBG’s. You quickly understand who’s active hunters and who’s just leeching in the chat waiting for someone to find a goblin and share it. Get yourself a network of players that are lusting for the Cosmic Wings as much as yourself and hunt until you’ve got them. You’re going to be hunting in groups of 4 people. My Battletag is Choobie#21896. Add me if you want!

3.How do I hunt?
Basically, there are three approaches to hunting:

3.1 Using the conversation tool.

Many people don’t know about this chat feature in the game, but it’s super useful and it’s my favourite way to hunt. By right clicking a player's name in the chat or on your friends list, you can invite that player to a private chat where you can talk without being in a party. This is where you want to gather your 3 hunting buddies. I usually say something like “+3 separate game search, got convo!” in the community chats. Now each of you can hunt for goblins in 4 separate games whilst still being able to communicate. You found a RBG? Don’t trigger it! Now is the time to announce it in your conversation and have your 3 buddies request a party invite from you. When all of them have joined, you can kill the goblin and start searching for Princess Lilian together. Good luck!

3.2 Partytime
This is where you and 3 other people are in the same game searching in different zones until there are no “good” zones left or you find a RBG. Many people like this because it’s easy to spot leechers and you can see every goblin found in the chat, but it might also lead to some downtime if people start searching in zones already searched by another party member etc. If you trust your 3 buddies enough to know they’re not leechers, I’d recommend using the conversation tool instead.

3.3 Riding Solo.
If you can’t find people to hunt with, keep searching using your desired route. If you find a RBG, be a good sport and invite 3 other people from either your friends list or one of the communities. Simply type “RBG +3” and you’ll be flooded with invite requests. Chances are people will appreciate you inviting them and they might repay the favor in the future. This is also a great way to become friends with other hunters that you can party/conversation with later.

4.Be fast
There are some people who like to do bounties and hope to encounter a RBG every now and then, and that’s okay. Consistent hunting isn’t for everyone. When I search for RBG’s, however, that’s the only thing i’m doing. I’m not wasting a minute of my runs on anything else than RBG’s, and you shouldn’t either if you want these wings as badly as me.

Elite packs? = SKIP! (Unless you’re using In-Geom)
Resplendent chest? = SKIP!
ANY other type of goblin than RBG? = SKIP!
Shrine? = SKIP! (Except fleeting)
Bandit Shrine? = SKIP! (They don’t spawn RBG’s and consumes a lot of time)
The Vault = SKIP! (Can’t spawn RBG’s)

You should look into getting yourself a build designed specifically for moving fast. Personally, I prefer the Chicken Witch Doctor build, as it requires minimum button pressing and is super fast. Wizard, Crusader, Monk and Demon Hunter also have fast builds. Play whatever class you prefer, but make sure you’re fast!

Here are some examples of fast builds.
Chicken Witch Doctor (I'm using this)
Inna's Pet Speed Monk
God Monk
Danetta's DH
Steel Charge Crusader
Swift Burn Wizard

4.1 helpful items(any class)
There are some items in the game that will increase your speed. I recommend using
at least some of these items, either equipped or in Kanai’s Cube:
- Warzechian Armguards ( Bracers, movement speed when breaking an object )
- Kreml’s Buff Belt (Belt, flat 25% movement speed if you don’t take damage for 5 seconds.)
- Boon of the Hoarder rank 25 (Gem, 30% movement speed for 2 seconds after looting gold)
- Avarice Band (Ring, increases pickup radius. Only use with Boon of the Hoarder.)
- In-geom (Sword, reduces cooldowns on everything whenever you kill an elite)
- Wreath of Lightning rank 25(Gem, chance to increase movement speed on hit)
Using Wreath of Lightning means you have to attack things, making it less efficient if you’re not using In-geom, which requires killing.

5.Open your ears!
All goblins makes a sound whenever you’re within a certain range from them. This range even goes off your screen, and the sound is easy to hear.
- Disable Ambient Sounds
- Disable Music
- Disable Voice Volume

Leave Sound Effects at a comfortable level. I’m mostly listening to music while I'm hunting, so I keep the sound effects rather high to make sure I’ll never skip a goblin or get confused thinking “Was that a goblin or did i hear wrong?”.

6.Keep track
For personal motivation, keep track of how many RBG’s you’ve encountered and share your statistics with others! Are you the lucky or the unlucky one? Below is a grid where you can put an “X” for every RBG you find. Make a copy of this document to be able to edit it! It took me about 135-150 RBG’s to get the wings.

Do you have any questions? Add me on battle.net! My Battletag is Choobie#21896


Update: Video example of how to run the zones!


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That seems like a great guide! Thanks for sharing
Have any of you tried the Diablo 3 Marketplace on odealo.com ? I started playing on season 12 with a barbarian but I miss so many items to get past GR60. I think i will try it tonight, hope to get full set for my CHARGE BARB :) Will let you know how it worked when i am done :p Anyway, for those interested they have the marketplace here; Buy Diablo 3 Power Leveling | D3 Legendary Items and Gear Sets - Odealo
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I'm not sure if it has been mentioned... BUT...

You have to be IN the game WHEN the rainbow gob is killed to get into the portal.

Sad days of piggyback share-farming of rainbow gobs. :(

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