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Nov 11, 2016




Well tonight is the night for the Day 2 of The 1v1 Tournament. It is taking place at 7 pm EST today~ 2/15/17
Come out and enjoy some social time and compete against your friends in this fun community game.

The way this works out:
Need at least 10+ players to join (or less but more pref)
Two Groups are placed into this Bracket groups A and B
Players will Round Robin (Play everyone in their group) for a record.
The number of the highest record players from each group (Depends on how many play) will go into a single elimination bracket and fight for 1st and 2nd place
A 3rd Seed Match will be played as well for fun to determine a 3rd place seed!
Runner up (2nd Place) receives extra coins
Winner get some more coins than the runner up.

During the Group Stage, It will be a best of 1
Semi-finals~ Best of 3
Finals~ Best of 5

There will be Refs in the Semi-Finals and Finals~ Myself and Whoever Volunteers to Ref

Hope you're able to make it!!!!!!!

Happy Gaming
Your Host,
ZombieGam3r :D

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