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  1. ActualJosh

    Free Xbox Game Pass 1 month

    I have come across a free code for the Xbox game pass. It is free to anyone who wants it as I do not have an Xbox myself. This is on a First come First serve basis.
  2. B

    Monster hunter world Xbox one

    Anybody got mhw on Xbox one. Just got it last night been looking for clan mates that play. Add me if anybody does dtk blackhawk442
  3. TheToxicNation

    Xbox to Pc transfer

    Now i know what the title said but its the best way to explain, can i use an xbox disk of fallout 4 in my pc to play the game.:surprise:
  4. Belos

    Path of Exile Beta Sign Up (xbox)

    Path of Exile The popular MMO, Path of Exile is coming to Xbox One, and players can sign up for the Beta now! Please note this offer is limited!
  5. A


    Play Overwatch(R) Free May 26–29 on PC, PlayStation(R) 4, and Xbox One - News - Overwatch
  6. PapaKush

    LTS - xBox 1 Elite Console w/ Elite Controller

    Not sure if I can post this here, relocate/delete/lock if not. SOLD Thank you. ASUS STRIX 7.1 Gaming Headset: Computers & Accessories
  7. SunKenRock

    Xbox Game Pass

    LINK Reading it already ,im kinda unsure of it.Due to most of the games i have for 360 are already backwards compatible.
  8. SunKenRock

    Xbox Weekly Deals

    Mostly for Xbox one ,but there is some for those who have that old 360 . Karas What do you think of Dont starve?
  9. Karas

    Xbox Smite Clan

    As requested Fever now have a clan on Xbox. It would be great to see some of our members there. I'm always willing to play some games with whoever joins (I can feed in any game mode) and if we get enough members I can start running game nights for you all as well as the occasional tournament...
  10. G

    Diablo 3 i need people to play with on xbox 360

    Hi yes i am looking for people on xbox 360 to boost my level and bost my paragon
  11. crimsonfate

    NA Neverwinter on Xbox One

    Does anyone play Neverwinter on Xbox One? I have a level 20 character on it and was looking for people to play with.
  12. SunKenRock

    To all xbox one/pc owners

    This has been out for a few weeks and such.Though i have not tried it out,figured i would share it with any other owners of both console and pc(windows 10). A new program that allow certain games (good ones to start off with) To be purchased once and owe across both platforms. Play...
  13. D

    Destiny xbox one

    Any guild tag/clan on destiny etx
  14. Hellguin

    Year 2 Moment of Triumph Information (And My PSN if you need help)

    It is that time of year again, time to see how much Destiny you have played and what you have done during TTK, Bungie released the MoT for Y2 on 7/7 (Bungie Day). This time you get 2 emblems, 2 Shaders and a coupon for a shit with the MoT on it (24.99, 30.00 if you want your PSN/GT on the...
  15. aideng321

    Black ops 3 xbox one

    If anyone is down to play let me know!
  16. bowler9912

    Xbox one

    I just had a Xbox one given to me, was told if I could get it to work I could have it, anybody having s problem of getting past the Xbox initial load screen? If so how did you fix it if have gotten it fixed? This one loads every now and then but not every time
  17. imdaboogyman

    BATTLEBORN xbox one

    Hola crannies. I've been enjoying the heck out of the game. I actually got thelichqueen into it, and she used to hate anything moba ish. We are both nourish, so. Am looking for a good group for co-op and pvp, get better at the game and have fun. Gamer tag on xbox: vsquared4ever...
  18. Kunezite

    News: APB Xbox One Soft Launch Underway

    APB Xbox One Soft Launch Greetings Citizens Right now there is a Soft Launch underway of APB Xbox One thats designed to test various systems with a small public audience. The first wave of this test involves European players (the game is available from midnight EU time), and the second...
  19. S

    Xbox One Cross-Play

    For those Who didn't know Xbox One is now crossplay enabled with Pc Users for Rocket League! The only Tri-crossplatform game! Patch Notes v1.18 / Title Update 6
  20. Begrimed

    Active Guardians - Xbox One

    So, I know we have the Fever roster, but Destiny isn't a highly active directory on here. Wanted to see if we still have any active players on Xbox One. Looking for a few fellow guardians to hop on a few times a week (usually Tuesday and Thursday nights) and grind out weekly stuff. Using...
  21. S

    XBox One Division People

    I just got in to Fever. Yaay. I play the Division a lot, on Xbox one. Looking for more people to play with! BwA Valint BwA isnt a real clan anymore though. Bunch of old guys who didnt like 12 year olds screaming in our ear. Bunch of us kept in touch after the clan fell apart, and...
  22. Glorious Gibs

    News: Killer Instinct XBox One and PC Game Save Sync

    FYI for anyone who plays KI on XBox One and wants to play it on PC: Killer Instinct Save Data Issue Make sure you sign into the XBox One version of the game before playing the PC version to ensure that your XBox game data will be carried over. If not, you'll have to start over from scratch...
  23. I

    Anyone that plays Black Ops 3 on the Xbox One?

    Hey guys! I am looking for a group of people to play Black Ops 3 with and people who like to have fun and win games at the same time. If you do play Black Ops 3 on the Xbox One feel free to add me! :) Gamertag: vT Injustice
  24. VulpesVelox

    Xbox One Members

    Hey Guys and Girls, I joined Fever mainly for D3, but seeing there is a community here for Destiny I wanted to see if there are any active Xbox One clan members I can team up with? GT: VulpesVelox
  25. E

    Looking for Xbox one players for league conquest and casual games.

    Hello Clan, Im looking for a few people to play smite on the xbox, I dont want to solo queue in league conquest. Also looking for two people to 3v3 with. My ELO is 1635 in ranked joust, and 1700+ in casual Queues. WHO WANTS TO PLAY?