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  1. theoldbore

    WoW Thursdays(Horde) 6pm Central

    Game night with our horde guild on Mal'ganis(US). Questing, leveling, dungeons, M+, a little bit of everything as we gear up. Thursday at 6pm central. Come hang out with us and get prepared for new content.
  2. Violet

    WoW Awards

    View and request World of Warcraft awards HERE
  3. Wooot

    Need Character Name Suggestions

    Though I am mostly focused on the gameplay and online interactions with other players in Classic WoW, it's going to dishearten me to use sub par names. I need help finding a good name for my orc shaman. I've been racking my brain ever since I couldn't get the 72 name ideas I would of used on...
  4. Verrin

    Nessingwary's News 6th Edition

    Welcome to the Nesingwary’s News, the sixth issue of The Fever Clan’s Warcraft Newsletter. This week we discuss the raid progression on Mal’Ganis, what we need to continue our raiding efforts, needed raid roles, and the start of a new raid group. Mal’Ganis Raid Leads: (Horde) Decimous Bradly...
  5. Verrin

    Nessingwary's News 3rd edition

    Welcome to the Nesingwary’s News, The Fever Clan’s Warcraft Newsletter. This week we discuss the raid progression on Mal’Ganis, what we need to continue our raiding efforts, needed raid roles, and the start of a new raid group. Mal’Ganis Raid Leads: (Horde) Decimous Bradly Verrin StormRage...
  6. Tef42

    returning to WoW

    Hello All, I am returning to Wow, I have alliance characters on Aggramar (Blackout) and Horde on Jaedenar (Misery). Unfortunately the guilds for Fever aren't accessible to me on these but maybe if I catch you in the lobby I could group with you guys sometime :) Tef
  7. BadFishSC

    Back to WoW

    Hello. I'm returning to WoW after a small absence. The last time I played was in vanilla (2005-ish). I have been playing recently but am super lost. Playing 8 hours/day, just doing questing to hit max level is starting to really get tedious. It is hard to play the game because it feels like I'm...
  8. A

    Important: WoW Company Meeting

    I would like to hold a company meeting for wow next sunday June 10th at 7pm est. Just looking to go over BFA and get everyones opinion on what they would like to see and where we would like to head as we get closer to the expansion. I would like to see a good turnout. I will take meeting notes...
  9. W

    Want to play WOW again..

    With Battle for Azeroth on the horizon, I decided to come back to WOW. I have played mostly on private server, a few years prior I have purchased the Battlechest after Warlords of Draneor was released(I did not buy Draneor) now I would like to know if I need to buy all other WOW expansion up...
  10. Kimenu

    WTB a month of WoW subscription

    all my coins at the time which is 3980 at the time + 4900 that I'm getting from Seal so a total of almost 9k coins for a month of wow time. I play on NA servers and accepts both gold and/or a sub gift.
  11. G

    Coming back to WoW

    Hey gang, Picking up wow again for some casual play, haven't played since WoD, and even then was pretty casual. Made a toon on Mal'Ganis, will make another on Stormrage, not sure if my schedule will match up with anyone else's. I'm on the west coast.
  12. O

    thinking about playing WoW again

    Hey guys . I'm thinking about to play WoW again and I was wondering on what server and what faction is guild on? I have alliance on sylvanas and horde on stormscale . Thanks for any reply Cheers
  13. A

    Event: WoW Department Meeting

    I would like to have a meeting on Monday Feb 19 at 8pm est. to go over what I am looking to do over the next little while in World of Warcraft. Things I'm looking at going over inculde raids, pvp, mythic+ groups as well as materials for feasts and cauldrens and such. Would like to see as many...
  14. A

    Important: WoW Available Jobs

    XO: BadFishSC Deputy Company Commander: Assistant Company Commander: Company Administrator: Coaching Staff (enlisted+): ***Responsible for knowing their class(es), and can coach and give advice when solicited.*** Tank VACANT Dps VACANT Healer VACANT Horde GAME NIGHTS -...
  15. A

    Event: WoW Game Nights *Updated*

    Game Nights Horde (Mal'ganis(US)) Tues 9-12pm est Thurs 9-12pm est TBD(Alt night) Alliance (Stormrage(US)) Rebuilding There is room for more events on both sides. If someone wants to do some pvp events such as arenas or bgs let me know and we'll try to find spots for them as well
  16. Linessah

    Event: WoW Raid Screenshots/Progression!

    Hey everyone!! I know we have more than 1 wow guild... but I want to grow our front page in terms of spotlighting each game section and what's going on within them. I think WoW has been quite neglected on this front! Since I am out of the loop with WoW... please let me know when you guys down...
  17. H

    NA WoW When I have to post something

    hey I have to post something once a month or so. I've never been a blog'er or forum post'er so here's thread I'll use.. I play many games so feel free to hit me up. I'm a 5x multibox'er and I play mainly Horde side. I'll be reachable via discord primarily
  18. A

    Wow Alliance guild

    I'm thinking to help the wow section grow, it would be nice to have an alliance guild somewhere. I don't know how many players we have in Fever that play alliance but if someothing like this interests you pls post here or send me a message either on the forums or in discord. I will confirm...
  19. Strae112

    After a 3 year break I have started playing WOW again

    I had taken a break from WOW for college and never started back up. Lately I was bored of the FPS games and decided to go back to WOW. So many changes have happened that I am having to relearn the game. I have deleted some old toons and started new ones. This should be fun. Strae
  20. A

    An update for the Wow Section

    Hey guys as most of you know Hoyy stepped down as the WoW Company Commander and at the moment I have taken over. I am not going to try and change very much as what we have been doing is working. We have downed 7/11 heroic antorous as a guild and are pushing along nicely. If you want to come raid...
  21. Baum

    WoW Recruiters Needed!!

    The Recruiting Team needs you! Hey everyone I am looking for members to help spread the word about Fever Clan. For those that don't know the Recruiting Team has recruitment threads on various websites. What members of the Recruiting Team do is make sure those threads stay at the top so...
  22. A

    WoW raids

    We are raiding heroic on tues/weds/thurs from 8-11pm est. We are in need of dps atm. Melee especially. Get at myself or Hoyy if your interested
  23. Achilleus

    Recently resubbed to WoW after a long time....and WTF!

    Ok, so in Mists I used JC and Inscription to make gold. When Warlords came out, JC was trash and so I turned to Inscription only. Now, I have no clue wtf people do to make gold. I logged in today and vendored literally 4 guild bank tabs of dead glyphs on my ah toon. I don't gather, I make...
  24. Idolator

    EU WoW for EU players

    So I'm trying to get back to WoW after I've been gone since the end of TBC. I'm creating a new account and I want to play on EU servers. My questions are: Do we have a guild on an EU server? If so which? If we don't, do you know what is the best EU server to start in? (like a good balance...
  25. VileKnight

    Vanilla WoW throwback. MOAR DOTS!

    Enjoy having a good laugh at the expense of someone else's DKP.