1. Grant

    New to WoW!

    Hey all! So i downloaded WoW yesterday to give my free trial month a shot and boy. Is it fun! I never thought i could enjoy a grinding game like this so much but its really fun! So i picked being a Werewolf thing. Why not am i right? Question is: Should i buy Legion or the normal WoW...
  2. M

    Holy wow!

    This game is amazing! All throughout the closed beta, I was waiting for a key to try it myself. But I kept hearing people gossip about how awful the game was, and how it's just a TF2 clone. And now having played it myself, WOW! This game is awesome! I mean it definitely pulls a lot from other...
  3. Requ1em

    Wow! Free Trial Is Awesome!

    Getting into the game and I am sorry I just didnt go ahead and buy it. There are a bit too many buttons to push when using vehicles otherwise a very well made game and its currently on sale!
  4. BigPun

    Back to WOW!

    Hey guys after 3 years i added 30 days time to my acc and i level now to 90 then ill prolly buy the expansion WOD and hit 100. I play on Dragonblight - EU and i got multiple chars at 85. My main is DK blood, and im all about PVE and raiding. I could ofc change servers and stuff but i need to...
  5. BrosenHosen


    Guys I am very impressed with your Dota 2 skills I played with a droup of 5 and I thought we were going to loose and we ended up wining. I am very impressed. Keep up the good work.
  6. A


    Who says that a 5'11" 3rd rounder from Wisconsin can't make a splash in the preseason -- Russell Wilson named week 1 starter for Seattle. Flynn wasn't that bad, but Wilson made things happen. He has something that can't be coached -- accuracy. If the guy was 6'2" -- he would have been a top...