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  1. KittyMae

    Movie: 20th Century Women - Official Trailer #2

  2. TurtleStrong

    Why Women Dont Report

    "Because reporting is like being assaulted all over again." That's one of the reasons women (and especially men) don't report when they are the victims of sexual assault or harassment. Think about that for a second. Someone is to afraid to report the crime because they KNOW for a fact that...
  3. KittyMae

    Movie: Certain Women - Official Trailer

  4. J

    The importance of personality in women today

    It seems like most of my guy friends in a relationship have attractive girlfriends/spouses with nasty personalities. Has today's society truly only focus on a girl's beauty than their heart?
  5. Gyorn

    Lizzard Squad member jailed after swatting women

    Canadian teen who harassed female League of Legend players jailed • Eurogamer.net Don't know what's going on with some guys...
  6. Gyorn

    Hot Cosplay pictures (at least for women maybe)

    I've to admit, I'm a bit confused and disturbed: Pokebro, Do You Even Cosplay?
  7. Masao

    Do you agree? What women want is companionship!

    Do you agree that the answer to the age old question of what do women want is companionship? If so let me know you definition of companionship. If not, let me know what you think the answer is?
  8. Masao

    Do you agree? Men see the forest and Women see the trees.

    Do you agree with the following statement? "Men see the forest for the trees and women see the trees for the forest". I believe there are cognitive neurological differences between men. Where men exhibit better spatial awareness and women better precision orientation.
  9. TurtleStrong

    Why women leave men they love What every man needs to know

    This article is brought to us by a man named Justice Schanfarber. You can find his page and the original article, by following the link at the end of this post. Why women leave or cheat - What every man should know
  10. 0yme0


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEVU-YLpM8A Bogo
  11. Pathogen

    Iraq Slave Markets Sell Women for $10 to Attract Isis Recruits

    O' here we go again with this highly effective and well funded nut job group. In past articles I have talked about this group and its impact on our economy, world market and national security 1). http://feverclan.com/forums/141-debate-section/53532-islamic-extremists-better-funded-today.html...
  12. abyssal hero

    Abyssals Jungle guide for Atomic wonder women

    Atomic Wonder Woman is an incredibly dominant jungler early game. She does fall off late game a bit, but only because she doesn't team fight well. She does, however, 1v1 well, kill squishies in a heart beat, and is the scariest counter jungler around. Items: rush a Coda 4. Armor pen...
  13. KillaWhale

    Video: We Love American Women

    Young women fever members please don't be offended, this is like the modern day cartoon for old school beavis and butt head fans. We love you in a way your don't understand. You are cream of the crop. this is not a commentary on you. <3 solid women! without you we are nothing! But do enjoy yo...
  14. JansoriHajima

    Women and guns

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=9FTVjKohaFE Your thoughts? Mine? Zerlina Maxwell is retarded. The argument is only to provide the opportunity to have another option for self defense. Zerlina can't win an argument, therefore has to speak over them. "We can...
  15. Aug

    Women and Men finally understanding each other!

  16. Maize

    Pentagon Is Set to Lift Combat Ban for Women

    Below is the link to the article and I want everyone's opinions. Should we honestly let women go into combat? http://www.nytimes.com/2013/01/24/us/pentagon-says-it-is-lifting-ban-on-women-in-combat.html?_r=1& My opinion : I think this is a bad idea. I support women in the military...
  17. Jester

    Women of Fever, I need reassurance.

    My brain works in a weird way. If an attractive girl says I am cute or handsome, or hot or any of this, my brain immediately thinks it is out of pity. I spent the night at my friend's apartment yesterday, and she has this ridiculously gorgeous room mate who is attracted to me that I'm trying...
  18. E

    Best way to get the girl of your dreams

    What is the best way to get the girl of your dreams? (Short or long term relationship) Have you guys tried to employ any tricks taught by relationship experts? Do you guys have tips or strategies that you've employed? Where do you think is the best place to look when searching for that special...
  19. Cogrum

    Military Men and Women

    So, I saw picture today of a military man who was struggling to say good-bye to his newborn daughter and I got to thinking. I thought about all those men and women overseas today who are putting their lives at risk to protect us. And of the many family members of those great men and women who...
  20. Aug

    Photo: Women are easy to please.

  21. Soultice

    Where Women Meant To Be

  22. WASP

    Photo: Stream of Memes

    Ill restart this thread k Do not post here without having a image to add to the thread. Inside Jokes are fun and all but not if you're not on the inside of the conversation.
  23. Bogo

    Photo: Sexy Beautiful Women! (pics)

    Please post up pictures of Sexy Beautiful women for all to enjoy! Hopefully we will get a wide range of beautiful women to suite all eyes. It would be very appreciated if you could caption the pictures you post, but its not a must. We just want to see some beautiful women for all! Photos...