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  1. Gizmo256

    Guides: A helpful guide to farming Rainbow Goblins/Cosmic Wings

    Guide provided by Choobie#21896 After reading several great posts about rainbow goblins all around the forums, diablofans and reddit, I decided to put them all together into the same document. Some of the data used are acquired by me, and some of it are reported by the community. Let me know...
  2. Linessah

    Trag'Ouls Wings

    I put together a guide to help give pointers for the achievements to get your Trag'Ouls wings! Check it out! Good luck!
  3. Jaysdawg

    Pets & Wings

    Sorry I missed the guild event for this. Curious if anyone had any info on where I could possibly farm them?
  4. Brotanda

    Question regarding Mercy's Wings and other cosmetics

    Can cosmetics be equipped on any character once they're found? If not, I wonder if they'll let me claim Mercy's Wings on a Seasonal from S6 by not logging in until then.
  5. aokiji

    S5 character and wings

    Hey guys, as the new season is approaching I still haven't tried the PTR because I want to finish my seasonal journey so I'm here to ask you guys what build a character did you try and which one you liked the most. As of now I was thinking to start with crusader and then go DH but i'm still...
  6. Vaerosi

    Wings Galore!

    I found this video and thought everyone might enjoy it. =) All of the currently-available wings are in the video, and I recognized many of the upcoming Collector's Edition wings (such as the Overwatch Mercy wings at the end of the video, omggggg)...
  7. Rage487

    Spoiler Warning: If My Heart Had Wings Restoration Patch

    So I have put about 8 hours into this VN and am loving it so far, but I want to have all the content they removed back in the game so I tried installing the restoration patch. I thought it was working fine since the first bath scene with Kotori was uncensored and fine, but the second bath scene...
  8. billy_da_bob

    Music: Most Recent Transcription - Wings - Birdy

    I don't normally listen to this kind of music but I was willing to make an exception. Sheet music will be free. About 95% correct. Missing one or two things. Some guitar parts will have impossible fretting; I was too lazy to correct it. Screenshot:
  9. Ladykayden

    Blazing Wings (Darkmoon Faire)

    BEST TOY IN GAME! I just kept doing the Firebird Challenge in Darkmoon Faire repeatedly until I got a good sense of where the rings are and my route. It only took me 5 tries. They hotfixed it so you don't share rings! So go for it! 50 ring challenge :D #bringit
  10. tiltedslim

    TRUE leaves Jin Air Green Wings

    TRUE leaving Jin Air Says he wants to play with a team overseas. Whoever picks him up is picking up a great player that's ranked 32 in WCS points and in the round of 16 in Code S currently. Speculations on who picks him up?
  11. Gaudkiller

    We Without Wings

    I don't get this show at all. So there are three subplots in it ? Finding it harder to watch than DxD , and that's saying something considering the amount f fan service I'm it, which We Without Wings might be topping ImHO
  12. H

    Fashion of Yoskreth, Wings of the Ephemeral Haunt

    Hello, I need those 2 items (Fashion of Yoskreth, Wings of the Ephemeral Haunt), here is my inventory: Steam Community :: just Heastost :: Item Inventory Please don't overprice for it :) Heastost
  13. Gsworld

    For thoses that don't have Wings of Liberty

    The blizzard store is saleing it for 50% off right now not sure when this will end but its a good time to pic it up to get ready for HOTS Blizzard Store
  14. Jester

    Just bought Wings of Prey on Steam

    I'm looking for Fever members to fly with if they have it, or need a $20 cash dump :) I was bad, and also bought a TrackIR that should be here Friday hopefully. I'm also hinking about upgrading all my flight hardware so if you are interested in flying but don't want to drop a couple hundred...