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  1. Asterian

    Poll of favorite weapons by category

    Hey everyone, I figured I would do a poll for the players here in Fever for PUBG. Take your pick and submit your results. PUBG weapons poll Results are displayed here
  2. Asterian

    Updated Damage Charts

    For those of you that play and like numbers, here are a set of values for the PUBG damage per weapons. A couple weapons may be missing due to the lack of information on the source websites. Please post any weapon damage changes that you know of on this thread so it may be updated. PUBG Weapon Stats
  3. XxLiveeviLxX

    Do you believe that some of the weapons in the game can be considered Noob Blasters

    There is always alot of hate directed towards those that play certain weapons that are considered the tools of the noob because they give an advantage to compensate for a lack of skill. Do you personally believe that and Why? IMO: Its just Bull [email protected] all weapons kill and are purpose...
  4. Battlecanuck

    Giveaway: Bomb King Weapons Skin

    I have a Bomb King Weapons Skin to give away. Send me a PM if you're interested. If there are lots of you then I may have to do a draw. HURRY!!! It looks like the code expires really soon!
  5. Kunezite

    Sale: New Weapons on ARMAS; Mountie 'NorthWest' &'Nunavut', Obeya SLR762 'Broadside' and Shredder SB R&D

    New Weapons Available on ARMAS Now Available on Armas: Mountie 'NorthWest', Mountie 'Nunavut', Obeya SLR762 'Broadside' and Shredder SB R&D III. Mountie 'NorthWest' The residents of San Paro are rarely polite, so feel free to teach them some manners. This fully automatic pistol will...
  6. lilbear

    Ascended Armor and Weapons

    i like that you can get the ascended gear with laurels it's nice, 30 for neck and 30 for ring not to bad at all. is that what most people use them on?
  7. Arilyssa

    Anima Weapons Preview

    Anima Weapons Preview An adventurer is only as fierce as their blade. With greater challenges ever on the horizon, the search for greater weapons is seemingly never-ending. Today's preview offers a peek at the anima weapon, whose strength will ensure the tide of battle is set in your favor...
  8. Kunezite

    New to section: 1.19.3 (812) - Weapons Balance Overview

    Weapon Balance Overview The patch today contains the culmination of our work over the past months to balance the weapons. It helps improve a number of weapons that have not been competitive for a long time, and reduce the performance of those that were so powerful they were hindering weapon...
  9. Casper

    Do you want weapons to break on death?

    Do you want weapons to break on death? - General Discussion - Will You Survive? Here is a post that was started on the Aftermath forums i said no what do you guys think.
  10. Casper

    News: New Weapons "Valhalla's Chosen" Series

    This series of weapons are based of the Mythical Norse God's. Here are the following weapons on what they do, and what they look like: Without their skins (Left) With Skins (Right) Norsemen 'Hoenir'- This variant improves reload time based on remaining ammo PLUS a custom skin...
  11. T

    Event: Aftermath new beginnings weapons crafting and ammo

    So lets talk about weapons system in Aftermath. Once again the original WarZ/ISS system was pretty simple - you find weapon, you find ammo that comes in magazine and you either find full magazine or you're not. Okay lets say it - this is not how real world works. It also not very user...
  12. xSagaRx

    8 weapons that make it the most brutal zombie killer

  13. DrinkingWhiskey

    Get your free weapons now

    https://dockets.dyinglightgame.com/faq I just signed up and they still gave me 6, so you better get on it asap people.
  14. OberonOne

    Weapon World Tour Event - 7 days, 7 weapons, 7 prizes!

    Everyone has their favorite weapons...but just how versatile are your skills? Do you think you have what it takes to use any weapon to eliminate your competition? Yeah? Well then prove it! Over the next 7 days you will be tasked with using 7 different weapon types to earn 7 different prizes...
  15. NoobZero

    CS:GO weapons cases

    Hey guys im new to csgo,and im tring to get this cool p250 skin but this guy wants cases for it. i wanted to ask you guys if you have any phoenix and winter offensive weapons cases you dont use, can i have them? or trade? thank for your time :)
  16. LethalMuffinMan

    Destiny Dev Details Update; New Exotic Weapons Coming And New Speculations On Free

    In the latest round of weekly "Destiny" updates care of Bungie, the first announcement involves the latest update that should give fans a few loot before The Dark Below arrives. More than that, the update 1.03 has also introduced "bug killing agents," but it also may have nerfed a few weapons...
  17. J

    "helpful" breakdown of the weapons in cs:go

    imgur: the simple image sharer take a good look at it, I know I learned something new from this, I'm sure everyone can take away some important things from this.
  18. K

    Guides: APB - Joker Box Weapons

    Make things go boom with the all-new Volcano JC (Joy Cannon) rocket launcher. Feel overwhelming joy while firing rockets with its quick launch time and revolutionary ability to fire two rockets in quick succession. The Volcano JC utilizes a new chemical process turning fuel into payload as the...
  19. Anygma


    Hello everyone, i jst wanted to ask what does "Well Worn" "Field Tested" "Battle Scarred" "Factory New" means beside the weapon in market place?
  20. BruC0Ndr

    Shadow of Mordor Weapons and Runes (video)

    A closer look into the weapon system of Shadow of Mordor, the upcoming RPG that will blow your mind. This game enhances itself in every espect. From all new system with unique NPC's to dynamic combat styles. And this time they show us the runes system and weapons upgrades wich I find very very...
  21. D

    Buying weapons FAST guide

    I was looking for something like this... Help everyone (me) out and paste ur blind keys for buying weapons like a pro, GG Steam Community :: Guide :: How to buy weapons faster? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  22. shadowbreak

    BF4 DLC weapons

    so since the CR and SA dlcs, we've have a handful of guns added with them, what guns do you think you will see, or want to see in the other 3 dlcs? Id personally love to see the XM8 or desert eagle
  23. Fenyo

    Weapons - What To Expect

    DayZ Weapons - What to Expect - DayZ Intel A pretty detailed analysis of what's to be implemented. Good little read for the curious mind.
  24. Fenyo

    Confirmed Weapons

    Well, I know were all dying to get something new, but until then, here's what is to come that is already confirmed. There will probably be more weapons in the future. Late development I'm talking there. Just posting this here for those of you who haven't seen this info, as I'm sure some of you...
  25. SparkUpLife

    Dying Weapons Guide

    In case any of you were like me and wondering how to dye your weapons, I finally figured it out! Just follow my step-by-step guide and it will work. Or at least it worked for me every single time without any inconsistency in between: 1. Exit the game completely if you're already in-game...