1. Damien

    News: New PUBG vehicle sounds, vaulting & climbing

    Hi all, For those who missed the chance to jump in the test server earlier this week, here is a short video showing the new vehicle sounds (which are awesome imo), as well as the great anticipated vaulting & climbing (also awesome!). I also just...
  2. News Bot

    GTA Online celebrates Thanksgiving with new Adversary Mode, vehicle, and bonus GTA$ and RP

    Rockstar Games has released a new update to GTA Online that introduces a new Adversary Mode, a new vehicle, and bonuses that will keep you filled with GTA$ and RP during the Thanksgiving holiday. GTA Online players can take part in the Kill Quota team-based Adversary Mode, which supports up to...
  3. News Bot

    Mafia 3 Walkthrough and Guide - All Collectibles, Weapons, and Vehicle locations

    Step into the shoes of Lincoln Clay, a veteran returning home from Vietnam. After his surrogate family, the Black Mafia, is killed, Lincoln sets out on a path of revenge to take down everyone and anyone who had anything to do with his family’s murder. This article will serve as a hub for...
  4. News Bot

    Pokemon Go causes Baltimore driver to hit a police vehicle while playing

    We’ve seen Pokemon Go cause some real-life issues since its release, which includes reports of armed robbery and stumbling onto a possible murder. It’s undeniable people are distracted when playing Pokemon Go, and last night, the Baltimore Police Department reported an accident that...
  5. News Bot

    Free Halo 5 patch will add new boss, vehicle

    343 Industries will include a boss character and a new vehicle in the forthcoming Warzone Firefight update (via VG247). Your new foe, the Grunt Goblin, is a mech that can be featured as a boss on Legendary or Mythic difficulty. Grunt Goblin packs a double-barreled Needler that wreaks havoc on...
  6. News Bot

    Dying Light teases vehicle and new location for upcoming DLC

    Techland has teased the next “big” addition to its open-world zombie slayer, Dying Light. In a new video that was created to highlight 180 days of downloadable content, Techland teases the addition of a vehicle in Dying Light. Towards the end of the trailer, we’re treated to a...
  7. Kunezite

    Juggernaut Phase 2 items delivered and Big Horn / Mammoth Vehicle + kits added to Armas

    June- Phase 2 (EXCLUSIVE FANATIC BROTHERS WEAPON AND SKINS) S1-FA Frenzy Assault Rifle Strike & Blend Weapon Skins: Snake Skin 1: Adder Snake Skin 2: Coin Snake Skin 3: Regal Snake Skin 4: Boa Snake Skin 5: Spotted Anyone who purchased the Juggernaut Strike Pack should have this...
  8. News Bot

    Forza Horizon 2 launching with free DLC vehicle pack

    Microsoft has a small lineup of Xbox One exclusives coming this holiday season, the first of which is Forza Horizon 2. The racing title will be available for purchase starting on September 30 and will offer several additional downloadable vehicles at its launch. A total of 200 vehicles will be...
  9. LethalMuffinMan

    Planetside 2 coming to PS4, new update recently released, adds new vehicle, bases to

    With the end of PAX Prime this past weekend, there was news about SOEs MMOFPS Planetside 2. SOE said that the game is finally starting to make its way towards the PS4. When the game was announced, they said it would make its way to the system, but they didnt say when. Now, the game developers...
  10. K

    Vehicle Customization

    This thread is for you Vehicle Customization post all your cars you make here show them off to people give them idea's on how you like cars to look!
  11. News Bot

    PlanetSide 2 update video reveals new Valkyrie vehicle

    PlanetSide 2's development team has been diligently sticking to its developer roadmap revealed earlier this year. But for those looking for a refresher on the current state of Sony Online Entertainment's MMOFPS, creative director Matt Higby took to YouTube to offer a look into what's coming up...
  12. chilidogstain

    Another lesson in how NOT to in DayZ - Hiding a vehicle

    This poor guy has found a bus two times and parked it each time in the same spot.
  13. chilidogstain

    How not to confirm ownership of a vehicle in DayZ

    Sometimes it is better to keep on going..
  14. BullD0G

    News: $1Million Luxury Vehicle

    So they decided to make a $1 Million Vehicle for the year of the snake. They could of made it look a lot better in my opinion To me it looks like your driving a big car sized turd but that's just me. Now this other one looks a lot better!!! I would love to have this car. Source: A $1...
  15. WASP

    Local News: Electric vehicle kills US tourist in Denmark

    Police in Denmark say an American tourist was killed and four people were slightly injured when hit by a runaway electric vehicle on a Copenhagen pedestrian street. Police spokeswoman Mette Lindskov says the small garbage collecting vehicle started rolling by itself after the driver had...

    Vehicle spawns in the Fever Server.

    I would like to illiterate something that Virus told me this morning. The reason why you cant find any vehicles on the Fever server is because Dayz people are unfortunately the ones who are responsible for vehicle spawns and they are slow about it. Virus said it might take up to a WEEK. P.S...