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  1. M


    Looking to see who is down for some fantasy leagues or even multiple. If anyone is willing and want to post where you prefer i.e. yahoo/espn etc... LET ME KNOW!!!
  2. Lil_Nora

    [Character] Feverion - A Story by Us!

    Here is the Character Thread, So you can either go by this example or add some more info yourself. if you want it implemented permanently suggest it in the Info Thread. If you are new to this Check out the [Info] thread: [Info] Example Layout: Name: Gender: Age: Size: Race: Hair Color: Skin...
  3. Lil_Nora

    [Story] Feverion - A Story by Us!

    This is the Story Thread. Here you can write about your characters adventures and write about everything you want to happen in your world. Here is an example on how to write(keep in mind this is an example and the writing style differs from person to person, don't get angry or try to correct...
  4. Lil_Nora

    [Info] Feverion - A Story by Us!

    Intro Okay why not have one of these? I used to RP in story driven RPs like these in my youth and I wanna get back into it again. It's pretty simple you create a character of your own in THIS thread: [Character] And then you Write your Story or actions or w/e you want in THIS thread: [Story]...
  5. Cronofan

    Bacchanalia is Upon Us! - Black Friday Gem Sale this Friday November 28th!

    Just thought I'd let you all know if you were interested in buying gems, you might wanna wait till black friday Bacchanalia For one day only the following promotions will be available: Ultimate God Pack - 600 gems free 1500 Gem Pack - 400 gems free (total 1900) 2500 Gem Pack - 800 gems...
  6. BruC0Ndr

    Hear ye! Hear ye! Destiny Beta is upon us!

    Aye lads, Destiny Beta is coming this Thursday for all bottom feeders that didn't know! On the PS3 and PS4! Let's all group together and play! Hopefully you received an email already that let's you choose your platform and region, if ya haven't but still entered a beta code already you can do...
  7. I

    Birds of Prey Game Night Tonight at 8 pm EST US! We have Mumble and our own server.


    Come join us!

    Got my game pre-ordered and pre-ordered it for a couple of Fever members who couldnt afford it right away! :) Cant wait for release. and All are welcome to come play. will be playing Aldemeri Dominion on March 31 when we get our 5day early access :) So stoked for this game i just upgraded my...
  9. J

    Group of new players coming to WoT, advise us!

    A group of 4 or 5 of us are going to be checking out WoT in the next week or so and seeing if its a new game for us. If you guys have any tips/advice for us so that we don't do something unknowingly that will screw us later that would be cool (I'm thinking mainly about the Clan Wars part here)...
  10. 5

    They be like this when they see us!

    Uploaded with Big props to my partner @Valdius the guy who actually got me to chill in my games but rages at me when i go 17-4-14, because he does not want me to die. You actually make me put the very best game everytime you support me pal