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  1. Asterian

    Updated Damage Charts

    For those of you that play and like numbers, here are a set of values for the PUBG damage per weapons. A couple weapons may be missing due to the lack of information on the source websites. Please post any weapon damage changes that you know of on this thread so it may be updated. PUBG Weapon Stats
  2. Cookie

    2017 BDO Roster (UPDATED)

    #Member nameLast activityDays InactiveRankPost Count1Bloodlotus2017-10-010SSG93 If you do NOT see your name on the list please provide the following information. Clan Name: Family Name: Character Name: Region: The Roster: 1D9Vb5JHKYWRrtWf2uUxucazhn_-Zs3Ow1b5ceStvPrU
  3. DreadKnight

    Updated Hero Build Sites for all Players

    Hey Guys ! Below I have posted some links to valuable sites containing Hero builds, map strats and talent selections My Main go to and recommend for all members: Heroes of the Storm News and Guides - Icy Veins This is largely recommended as it contains multiple builds for various...
  4. TheZombieGam3r

    InstaDeath eSports- Recruiting New Players! *UPDATED*

    Owner: TheZombieGam3r Recruiter: TheZombieGam3r and Bootygoblin Coach: Bootygoblin Analyst: Bootygoblin Starting Line up--------- Top: ryantheco Jungle: blueshadowknight Mid: Tatkret ADC: Skippy360 Support: TheZombieGam3r Awaiting...
  5. Hotsauce

    Live updated to 1.3 and Season 2 has begun!

    Just in case you didn't know. Live has been updated to 1.3 and Season 2 has started 5 days before what we were told. Time for some comp boys!
  6. Havok

    Guild: *Updated* Official Fever Horde Raiding guild - Legion

    Fever, There has been a lot of Legion pre-planning, and officer meetings, geared towards getting Fever active for Legion. It looks like there's going to be a lot of exciting clan activity this expansion, and with different plans in place, I thought I would make a thread to get members oriented...
  7. H-GAMER

    Updated YoggC'ThunN'ZothRenoHunter

    Updated decklist Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet I almost got Noxious_HS to play it :D Your thoughts, your experiences?
  8. J

    Updates: Updated In-Game / Forum Roster!

    Updated In-Game Roster! Hey guys and girls just wanted to tell you that the IGN Roster is updated. I'm posting this to see if I've missed out anyone, if I have please mention me on this thread and tell me your IGN Name (caps sensitive). There was a couple of members that I couldn't find out...
  9. GamerKnoob

    Updated my TS

    Updated my TS (HELP) My TeamSpeak prompted me to update it as I opened it so I did. Now I am unable to connect to our TS server and it just crashes every time I attempt to connect. Any ideas? Also it seems to be just our TS as I can connect to others. Could it be that ours isn't updated to...
  10. Vaerosi

    2.4.0 Live Hotfixes (2/11/2016)

    The Official Hotfix thread by Nevalistis can be found HERE. General Fixed a crash that would occur when the Skeleton King attempts to continue to whirlwind while after he has been defeated. (1/20) Fixed an issue that could prevent some players from logging in. (1/20) Fixed an issue...
  11. Spectre

    Guides: [UPDATED] My Official Lucian Guide (Kite King)

    IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS PLEASE TAG ME Taking constructive criticism. Opinions Welcomed as well. Good OR bad.(spoiler i really went in depth) Hey guys, this is my first official guilde as Lucian. I am a Lucian main and although the next update should be rather soon, i...
  12. FealtyGaming

    Guides: How To Play Updated "Hide 'n' Seek"! Fun Custom Game Mode!

    One of my twitch mods pointed out an older custom mode during my stream tonight called "Hide 'n' Seek". It is a fun mode figured I would share it. I will be livestreaming it again on monday since it was so much fun. Here is a link to the reddit post where it was found Hide 'n' Seek. We tinkered...
  13. J

    SMITE: New Skins, Updated God Cards & More!

    SMITE: New Skins, Updated God Cards & More! Ne Zha Standard Ne Zha Blue Lotus Ne Zha Masteries New God Skins Brynhildr Bachus Chevalier Chiron Siege Engine Xing Tian Updated Artemis Mastery Cards New Voice Packs Brynhildr Bachus Siege Engine Xing Tian Updated God...
  14. Bob_o

    Updated Monk Build

    I know most of may know this already but I found it interesting that Quin updated his build to include CoE and Crit Hit Chance. Looks like it may be better than using Broken Promise in the cube. Quin69 - GR71+ Uliana'''s Monk - Monk - Diablo III Builds - Diablo Fans...
  15. Crimsonwolf

    Unreal Tournament Alpha updated

    ok that I give an update to anyone that may care Unreal Tournament has been updated with a really nice patch. the website kind a goes over what has been added over the last few months if anyone has missed this game should try and give it a chance https://www.unrealtournament.com/...
  16. NGvisator

    Twitch Streamer PC build + OBS Settings Final updated

    I did this a while back to get some feedback on what I should do for a Stream set up and some advice I OBS settings. Now I came back to give an update on the setup and announce a more complete set up than before. My Stream is Twitch.tv/ngvisator (THIS STREAM IS A SINGLE PC SET UP CURRENTLY...
  17. Kyndjiall

    Updated chernarus+ map with more functionality

    This works basically like the old Chernarus+ map, but you can switch views to 3d and it has functionality for team use. There's a lot more to work with. DayZ Standalone - Chernarus Plus Map | Dayz TV
  18. J

    Music: Jokerlolz Daily Drops: Updated Daily

    Featured daily drops by Jokerlolz: thread updated daily! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zXtsGAkyeIo
  19. M

    UPDATED Fever's Got Talent

    Mission Statement Fever's Got Talent portion of the retention team aims to take an active role in attempting to keep members interested in staying apart of our community through the activity and continued community effort to include members in activities that they find interests in. Through...
  20. Snailey

    UPDATED Fever Mentorship Program Development

    Mission Statement: The Fever Mentorship program assists new members (the Mentee) with the information they need from the Mentors, for quality positive experience to promote retention within Fever. Job Description: There will be three job titles each Mentor class; Jr. Mentor: These are...
  21. R


    OMEGA SQUAD TEEMO As we get closer to everyone most hated little devil Teemo's newest skin launch, they give us more and more little teasers of what is to come. Last night We got to see the login screen and music for OMEGA SQUAD TEEMO upon release. So for those of you who love the little...
  22. BruC0Ndr

    Updates: Coast City will be only Solo/group Q from March 4th, first look at the new updated Coast City!

    Yeah no more Divided or Heights! Only Coast City until the next big update! It's coming it's coming!!!! So what is Coast City? Choice and adaptive tactics define Coast City. This 5v5 two-lane map features a large Urban Jungle that holds access to Elite Drones and control of the Doomsday...
  23. kratmaster

    Smite IGN List updated

    Alright guys so me and MrCruz sat down and fixed the IGN list, we have removed all non-members from the In-Game Clan and added all members who were in the clan but didn't have their name on the list, on the list. Right now we are down to 130 members. I am sure there are some people that were...
  24. Lil_Nora

    My GvG Updated Shaman

    I don't know... My deck is O-kay? I would say. But I need some help with it maybe. do you guys have anything that I could add? I tried annoy-o-tron 2x for better early game, was okay, but when I drew it later in the game it fell off and w/o flame tongue it was weak. I needed some late game...
  25. Kyndjiall

    DayZ Launch Command Tweaks Updated

    Most of this is copy pasted, but I edited some of it because it was often unreadable; I'm about 50% grammar nazi. It's all I can do to stop myself from whipping out my MLA handbook from college. -Kynd If you're not sure where to put these commands in, you've probably not been able to get the...