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  1. Kunezite

    News: Blog Post: New Summer Survival Event & PC Engine Update.

    New Summer Survival Event & PC Engine Update. NEW Summer Survival Event! It’s blog post time and in this blog we’re asking for feedback from our players on a few different events that we are working on. We will have different forum threads ready for your suggestions and we’re excited to...
  2. Pudge Nubbins

    No Man's Sky comes back to life with 1.1 update.

    No Man's Sky So the Foundation update seems pretty good. But mostly what weve learned from this is them disproving all these "they gave up", "they ran off with the money" rumors. Aside from that they won their false advertisement thing going on. So with this you get Frieghters - apparently...
  3. SkipperSW

    Weekly update.

    Hello. My name is Jesper, aka TRDragon. For those who doesn't know, I'm a new member here on FeverClan. A few people have played with me and invited me to play with them and for that I thank you. My experience here has been wonderful and I hope it will continue to be so, even though my view...
  4. Kyndjiall

    Exp patch update. Get your ghillie suits on! Snipe time!

    Steam Community :: Group Announcements :: DayZ Experimental 0.51.125504 NOVEMBER 19 - HICKS_206 Survivors! This Wednesday's Experimental branch update should be downloading to your PCs now for those opt'ing in to this branch. Most of this weeks work has been on the programming and...
  5. Kirbz

    Members Meeting Update. - League of Legends

    For those of you who happened to miss the meeting, I will go over what was covered and we can continue to answer questions you may have. -Attitude- -Our overall attitude could use some improvement, in game and on the forums. Lets make it a point to work on that together. Please remember...