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  1. News Bot

    PUBG's Desert Map Available Tonight, Version 1.0 Drops on December 20

    At the Game Awards, PUBG developers revealed that the survival game's new desert map will be on servers later tonight. The game will upgrade to the long-awaited 1.0 version on December 20. Ahead of that,8 Xbox One players can get their hands on the game beginning on December 12...
  2. Baum

    No Game Night tonight 6-15, changes coming!

    Hey Fever HOTS, Sorry but I cant host game night tonight 6/15. That said, I am trying to organize something for the D3 event for this weekend, stay tuned! Also changes to game nights also coming soon, more at 11.
  3. Thundernut

    Event: Game Night tonight

  4. DreadKnight

    Team League Squad Game Starting Tonight at 6:00PM EST

    Good Evening All ! Just throwing this out there to all HOTS members interested in Team League. Tonight I will be starting a squad game around 6:00PM EST (before the game night) to take a run at a few Team League ranked matches. Anyone who is interested just find me in one of the HOTS channels...
  5. LateMoon

    Stream Tonight at 8pm EST (Giveaway)

    Hey guys just doing a stream tonight at 8pm on twitch, have done streams in the past but am still new so sorry for the quality if its bad will be giving away a ak47 cartel and maybe a few other skins to followers if anyone wants to come check it out or if you wanna play a few games Twitch
  6. TheZombieGam3r

    1v1 Game 2 Tournament [TONIGHT]

    Well tonight is the night for the Day 2 of The 1v1 Tournament. It is taking place at 7 pm EST today~ 2/15/17 Come out and enjoy some social time and compete against your friends in this fun community game. The way this works out: Need at least 10+ players to join (or less but more pref)...
  7. S

    Leveling Tonight

    First off im space! Im new started playing diablo3 yesterday with my brother check out game again and love what they are doing with seasons! Im going to be rolling a Witch Doctor as my Rifter. And will be starting him tonight after work around 1030-11pm est. i welcome anyone who wants to tag...
  8. TurtleStrong

    Tonight, America Lost.

    I'll say it, I'll call it. Trump has won. They're still counting and I hope to god when I get up in the morning I eat my words and Clinton has actually won but realistically I have to say that Trump won the position of POTUS. And America lost. My friends are in fear. Legitimate, rationale...
  9. Shadow_Demon

    Farming Rifts / Bounties tonight from 7pm AEDST

    Hey All, For those who would like to farm some keys for the GR Even and possibly bounties for those mats I will be online from about 7pm AEDST running through on TX or higher (for those who can carry me through that ;) ) Cheers, Shadow
  10. Shadow_Demon

    Starting S8 tonight Aus time

    So wedding went well and she turned up! Yay! haha So with that out of the way and the one day i have to play before going on my honeymoon tomorrow I will be hopping on and off this afternoon! Would love to join a group and more then happy to just grind it out on my own :) I will be in TS and...

    World Boss Runs Tonight

    Hey Everyone, Quick heads up, I will be doing world boss runs all night so if anyone is looking to grab some loot and xp, jump in my party. Thanks and have a good one! SGTJANGLES
  12. Makk

    Dota 2 Game night/Tournament tonight

    Makk pinkman Agachee Chr0me Ciniak datis eldonk0 Frakchure Greed1sGood GucciMagiK Hike Junior Kape5 Kyojin K U M A R Lucyfer Magrath Mobile Sentry Moonblade92 NooDL Salamander Scottydog sleeping at Tombruski Turt Zoid Bloodmorphed apaulo...
  13. Synfull

    Fun Event Tonight =)

    Don't forget tonight is my If you want to come hang out and be silly, play some hilarious custom matches and have great fun with some clan members sign up!! You can come in late too...
  14. heybob

    over watch tournament tonight

    So during the amazing tourney tonight, not only did DOOMCHUG spill pee on his desk, i broke my gaming keyboard. was a amazing tournament and i would like to thanks DurandaL and his team. We have come a long way and overwatch as a group/whole is doing very well. P.S. For the people that...
  15. C

    Tonight I am dreaming about oculus rift

    Hello I just wanted to say tonight I will be dreaming about oculus rift. I am saving up for one and am hoping to order mine in the middle of August (unless an emergency comes up and i need to use the money in which case then i will be waiting longer). I am such a geek for this I even downloaded...
  16. L

    i wont be at game night tonight, but have fun anyway.

    title says it all. leverage here, and i will be going camping with my son tonight. but y'all can still get together and have fun tonight with out me. :biggrin-new:
  17. slyxsoy

    Event: NA: Guild Missions - Tuesday 6/7 6:30pm PST

    We're going to try to complete some guild missions Tuesday evening so we can work on leveling up our guild. The missions will be resetting this evening so I will update this post with more details once I know which ones they'll be. Most likely, we'll need about 10ish people with decent...
  18. Zyion


    I will have some time to play tonight between 4pm - 7:30pm central tonight. I am looking for a group to start at 85 (seems like a good number where a lot of players comfort level is at right now) but will go into the 90s and so on depending on the group. I run support monk. Add me or replay back...
  19. T

    Be back tonight

    Nets been out for a day I haven't died. Or killed Comcast employees yet. <3 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. B

    Anything going on tonight

    Looking to run some greater rifts tonight on my barb if any one wants to join let me know
  21. M

    Is there any EU team going on tonight which i can join?

    Hey guys, Are there some EU players which are interested in playing some Team League tonight? or right now, since im online all day ( it's 2:03 PM here ) Hit me up on my btag: Timo#2851 greetings, Mastpiece
  22. E

    LF3 Demon Hunters for speed 60+ for gem leveling / paragon farming / loot sharing tonight

    So yesterday I finally got an ancient Yangs, not the greatest but it increased my damage by about 25 percent getting me over 1 million so I will take it. Now that I finally got my damage to a decent output, I am looking for a group of all relatively geared player to do speed runs of at least...
  23. Gladiator

    Coaching Tonight and tomorrow

    Hello, If anyone wants to pm me on teamspeak i am availible tonight and tomorrow Gladiator on teamspeak diamond coach, support top jungle or anything common general topics
  24. Zyion


    Hey all, I am looking for a group tonight to run 70-80s if possible. Tonight and tomorrow will be my final days of grinding out gear and a few more paragons before this Friday when the season ends. I will be on my monk because I need the gear on him I only have three ancient pcs and I want to...
  25. M

    Not going to talk on TS3 tonight

    Hey all just letting you know had some dental surgery so if I do talk a little it will be very jarbled. Thanks :P