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  1. Pudge Nubbins

    No patch today? So sad.

    My reasoning behind this is: Servers are still up, not even in maintenance mode... so it will come tomorrow or thursday I'm guessing.
  2. FealtyGaming

    What did you get with your Medusa skin today?

    Lol First time in a while I did not get a voice pack for a god I never play... buuuut I never thought I would get the cheesy (only purchased if you have a girlf friend you play with so she can play Chang'e and heal you) Hou Yi skin lololol. ...Oh and yes I have 69 masteries... might just...
  3. V

    Coop Game... today?

    Coop Game... Sunday night! Who's up for a game? If we can get 3 or 4 would be great!
  4. M

    What did you have for dinner today?

    Kore wa kyou no bangohan desu. Ate half of it. Other half is for tomorrow morning. Leg day, tomorrow is! Gotta attain that Chun Li physique!
  5. PerfectEnigma

    Movie: What are the stars for the 1st Jurassic Park doing today?

    I found this to be an interesting read. :D
  6. Pathogen

    Are Islamic Extremists better funded today?

    Islamic State uses Syria's oil to fuel its advances This goes with ISIS trying to install a caliphate, if you look at the thread stated is ISIS - more of a Global Threat than Al-Qaeda, this shows how far and well manged these groups are becoming. The installment of a new Islamic Prophet that...
  7. TheBossGuy

    What games are on sale on Steam today?

    I am at work and I can not access what is on sale today. Can anyone hook me up with that info, please?
  8. MrCruz

    Anyone intrested in making Inhouse 5 vs 5 lobby today?

    I havent been here in last 2 months soo much. Some ppl and me got a problem wich is we in last 2 weeks getting only retards in teams wich feed,rage quit and soo on. And your getting pisssed off in such games. Soo a fun gaming night would be awasome. If someone is intrested in gaming...
  9. Oswin22

    What did you do today?

    Had an amazing find, funny moment, boss fight gone wrong? Place it here!~ IE: I saw a 6 foot Asura running by... He had a flamethrower and 1 shot everyone. Oh... that's me! ^_^ Just passed 500 kills in WvWvW. Engineer OP!