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  1. Shiny

    Needs tips for Pestilence build

    Hi, in running this exact build: Diablo III Character Planner though im missing a few things, like leveling up the gems and the cube scythe, but i have everything else and im having trouble doing even TX and higher regular rifts. Whenever i pop land of the dead, the entire screen gets wiped as...
  2. Fluffaluffapuss

    General Tips and Tricks

    Hey everyone! I apologize if this is the wrong subsection to post this in, but I couldn't find anything more suitable to post it in. What are some generic tips and tricks that every SC2 player should know and use? I think of myself as a mid-level silver terran player and have been playing...
  3. T

    Protoss Tips

    Hey there, I just thought I would post some links to helpful videos I have found recently. The first would be a diamond/plat Protoss guy I watch stream named Aoret. Super cool guy and laid back. If you like Protoss gameplay you should definitely watch his stream on Twitch. They are pretty short...
  4. BadFishSC

    Bounty Tips and Tricks

    Since many players don't like bounties, here is a video from Wudijo, a top DH player, giving some tips about how to burn through them much faster. YouTube
  5. Kiss


    These are the complied list of all guides & tips regarding PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUND Basic In-game Knowledge: Basic Guide for New Players Advanced In-game Knowledge: Early Game, Gunfights/Tactics, How to have better aim, Weapon Mods, and Boosting your FPS Weapon Guide: Detailed...
  6. S

    Tips and Tricks

    I found this video to be quite useful, If anyone is looking to get over that next jump I suggest watching this! :)
  7. SLIPX

    Guides: SLIPX's Rust Tips and Tricks
  8. SLIPX

    Guides: Rust Fever : Tips and Tricks by SLIPX : How to Honeycomb

    Hey guys, SLIPX here. Just wanted to share with you a quick video I made. This is to show new players on Rust, how to honeycomb their base. Again, if you have any questions just send me a PM or Steam Message. Thanks, and Stay Rusty! - SLIPX
  9. N

    Opinions on Xerath? Tips if you can provide.

    I really enjoy playing Xerath, I find he's fun and can really chunk people. I build him glass cannon and usually run Flash - Heal, but sometimes switch it up to Flash - Exhaust depending on who I am against. What's everyones opinion on him? Is he easy to play? Able to climb in this meta?
  10. Sithis

    Sithis' Tips on Fighting Acne

    A quick intro, starting in middle school, all through high school, and up to my first year in college i've had pretty bad acne. My face was pretty red in the cheeks, little blackheads on the exterior of my where my sinus' are and nose, and perpetual breakouts. On top of this over time through...
  11. Paranoia Origins

    Fallout 4 Sniper Build - Great Perks and Tips for Playing a Sniper

    Hey guys i thought i post a sniper build guide somehwere here so enjoy. The video and 1 guide and the information below is another guide. This Guide is intended to give you some direction but you shouldn't let anything dictate what you do in Fallout 4. Playing as a Sniper is fun, but...
  12. Sigem

    ZBARBING - Basic tips

    Some new Zbarbs in clan have asked for gameplaying tips, here are a few basic tips for future reference.. If you can at least master these you'll be able to get a group and normally won't get kicked out :) I'm not going to get into any kind of build or gear explanations here as you can find...
  13. N

    Thresh is Always Meta, Tips and Tricks!

    Hello everyone I main Thresh, over 550k+ mastery points. Currently Gold V but getting matched with high plats and winning 23+ LP per win. All last season I aimed to improve my Thresh, I watched tons of videos by amazing Thresh players Fufu, CptAnton, Rayskat, etc. Probably the most important...
  14. Paranoia Origins

    News: Sid Meier's Civilization® V: Brave New World (June 1, 2013)

    I just put this here so any new players can read little about the second expansion pack for civ 5. OVERVIEW Sid Meier's Civilization® V: Brave New World is the second expansion pack for Civilization V - the critically acclaimed 2010 PC Game of the Year. This new expansion provides enhanced...
  15. Thundernut

    Tips for playing a zombie

    Zombies Zombies are the heart of Urban Dead. Without this group, the game would hardly be possible - you cannot have a zombie apocalypse without zombies. As such, the powers which have been put into the game to promote the zombie forces are both unique and extremely powerful. Your zombie can...
  16. Thundernut

    Tips for playing a human

    This advice is for the starting player, the new survivor who just wants some simple rules to live by. There are many long, detailed, and well-written guides, with lots of thought and explanation behind the advice, and some deep strategies and double-thinking. There are also other guides that...
  17. Paranoia Origins

    Tips and Strategy for newer players

    Tips and Strategy for newer players (Civ 5) If you see anything that I missed, feel free to leave a comment or shoot me a message. Diplomacy: Try not to give anyone open borders. Having open borders gives the AI a 25% bonus to Tourism against you. This does work both ways, however...
  18. Paranoia Origins

    NA LF > Coaching 4 Support | Flex Team | Duo Q' Partner | Support Tips w/ Runes & Masteries!

    Main Account > IGN: ParanoiaOrigins > Runes/Masteries/Match History/Etc.. ParanoiaOrigins Smurf Account > IGN: Asurieru Dreemur (asriel dreemurr from undertail XD) Asurieru Dreemur is lv 14 (ATM) Ok with that out of the way Hey guys I'm Kuji and i made this post so that the staff...
  19. C

    Any tips for a new smite player coming from League of Legends?

    Hello, I played League of Legends for 4 years so i know the MOBA genre quite well. I do have some questions about smite: 1. Which game mode should I play to learn as much about the game, the meta and which mode is the most simmilar to ranked when I hit the level (I want to get into ranked as...
  20. Xiantyl

    Tips for taming a Tapejara

    Tapejara are a pretty decent flying mount due to its ability to strafe left to right and up and down. Making it essential in aerial combat. Taming one can be a bit troublesome due to the fact that they run away immediately when they detect you! But if you have Ghillie Armor on it will lower your...
  21. N

    Guides: Some Tips and Tricks to Climbing Elo

    Hey, it's ntst22. I've had problems of climbing elo in the past; I've got a few tips for you that may help you change. Obviously mechanics being one but, it only plays a small part of the game. These small tips helped me to go from silver to platinum. Oh and Please. If you're diamond or...
  22. Zahbo

    Advice, tips, I dunno....

    Let me start off by saying "if this comes off like bitching, TOTALLY NOT MY INTENT". I know sometimes meaning gets lost in straight text. Ok, having said that, help. Been with the Diablo clan for my 4th season now. Past seasons were spent mainly solo, just doing event nights. Rolled into...
  23. Jacobzmk

    Miscellaneous tips

    During a game today I met a player who asked if Auriel's attack speed increase talent at lv16 would stack would Abathur's similar talent at lv4. After the game I thought there might be a lot of small details in the game that's not explained. This post is written to share what I know, and if you...
  24. Piehat

    Tips and tricks for a Dota player?

    So I haven't met most of you yet and seeing as I'm sorta ready to play a new moba because the meta in dota and the people are just wearing me out I might play league for a little bit and I felt like this would be a good time to introduce myself and get some tips on the transfer at the same time...
  25. ArtificialV

    Could use some tips

    I could use some help in Arena and Play mode to rank up. I haven't played since they introduced the new set of cards that were coming out.