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  1. Kumih0

    KumihO's help thread

    Heya everyone! I'm just coming back to Fever after my two years overseas doing contract work and looking to get the Starcraft 2 section popping again. So just a little about me I use to play WoL at High Masters and low Gm for a couple seasons and always loved helping people out with anything SC2...
  2. Loyalbdog

    Updates: Weekly Rotation Thread 04/11/2018

    Sup Fever, every week there will be a new selection of gods with one from every class such as Guardian, Hunter, Mage, Assassin, Warrior. with these you wont need to pay for them but they will change. Warrior - Bellona Assasin - Loki Mage - Ah Puch Hunter - Xbalanque...
  3. Loyalbdog

    Updates: Weekly Rotation Thread

    Sup Fever, every week there will be a new selection of gods with one from every class such as Guardian, Hunter, Mage, Assassin, Warrior. with these you wont need to pay for them but they will change. Warrior - Chaac Assasin - Thanatos Mage - Morrigan Hunter - Izanami Guardian - Kuzenbo...
  4. Grant

    eSports: The Rosterpocalypse Thread for Season 5!

    North American Teams SpaceStationGaming [SSG] ADC - BaRRaCCuDDa Support - JeffHindla Mid - Baskin Jungle - Andinster Solo - Aquarius TrifectaGG [TriGG] ADC - Zapman Support - Neirumah Mid - Metyankey Jungle - Mask Solo - ScaryD Splyce Gaming [SplGG] ADC - CycloneSpin Support - Aror Mid -...
  5. C

    Guides: Recruitment Thread

    CEVO Forums: (Click Here) Bump at least once a week!! ESLGaming (Click Here) Bump at least once a week!! Steam Forums (Click Here) Bump at least every other day!! Please make sure that you read the forum rules if you decide to help bump these threads. Also make sure that the thread was not...
  6. crimsonfate

    Destiny 2 Screenshot Thread

    For those who want to share screenshots from their play sessions, here is a thread for you! I'll start with some mediocre ones:
  7. Niine

    Fever CS:GO Information Thread

    This thread is the official thread where you can find all the relevant information on the CS:GO section here in FeverClan. Information here will be updated regularly, and any questions you may have regarding this thread or the section as a whole should be sent directly to the Company Commander...
  8. Sithis

    eSports: Delta Fox Fan Thread
  9. Kunezite

    Thread of Interest: Rearrange threats and districts to trap cheaters

    Howdy space-cadets, long time no see, but no one if forgotten, I have just been scouring the depths of the G1 Forums trying to find something, nay, anything to report back with. And I stumbled upon this thread of interest about a suggestion to rearrange threat levels and districts to trap...
  10. Doiri

    Fortnite section feedback thread

    If you have any feedback regarding our Fortnite section please post it here! It can be anything from positive experiences to negative experiences, you can also post your own ideas and suggestions here. If it is something private feel free to PM me the suggestion or concern. - Doiri
  11. Sithis

    eSports: Post League Time Thread
  12. B

    SC2 Feedback/suggestions

    Hello everyone, If you have any suggestions or feedback regarding the SC2 section please let us know. You can do so by posting below, sending Arimil or Synizta a PM or if you'd like to remain anonymous you can submit it here All feedback and suggestions are welcome. Sincerely, Arimil
  13. VileKnight

    Official HOTS 2.0 Thread

    Blizzard announced the new Heroes 2.0, and wow was this a lot of information to take in! New progression, a crafting system, loot boxes, and new heroes! Come back to this thread to keep updated as more information gets released, and if you find a cool nugget of info make sure to share it with...
  14. Gerr74

    Revival Thread (DayZ Mod)

    It appeared that this section isn't very active in the survival thread and I find that to be kinda sad. So I thought I'd give it a go and see if anyone still here would be interested in DayZ as a whole. I myself have just recently jumped into Arm2 Epoch mod for DayZ, but I also have Standalone...
  15. SunKenRock

    Sp4zie Fan Thread

    Greetings to you fellow summoners.Though i never got in LCS and pro scene ,ive found a player that just is quite entertaining,and im sure others may have seen before. To sum him up.Sp4zie is a Swedish League of Legends player who regularly uploads both insightful and funny videos...
  16. Thundernut

    General chat thread

    Wing, thanks for shooting me, i took a few "bites" out of you back :)
  17. KingCatNip

    Starcraft 2 Game Night Mega Thread

    Good Morning Commanders, The powers that be will be making this a sticky post so that we have one place to reference Game Nights. This should help us from all making separate posts and clogging up the Forum with reposts. In conclusion if you are to host a game night this is the place to post.
  18. Thundernut

    Zombie Barggrh Chat thread - Humans will be eaten on sight

    Chat for zombies, no humans allowed.
  19. Baum

    Chess Puzzle thread

    Any chess aficionados in Fever? Solve the puzzle and I will post another one in the thread! I will reveal the answer after a few days of being unsolved. White to move, mate in 2! Edit: Correct position posted
  20. VileKnight

    ME:A Video Thread

    Making this thread to post videos for everyone to share/watch. Feel free to add some! ***** The N7 day trailer Some game footage here, and it's in 4K for those who have the hardware to view it in that res... Minius GC goes...
  21. MekaQ

    This is a spam thread Am I funny yet?
  22. Flux

    Victorious Secret Thread

    As we are currently unable to get a forum to discuss I decided rather than wait let's just discuss some things here as well as log our meetings until such a time that we get an area to discuss properly RIPRIP AngelSoul myce Jellyfish iDell
  23. Norfside

    Yorick Rework First Impressions Thread

    I figured I would make a post for everyone to talk about the rework for Yorick that was released today, and to create some discussion. My personal opinions on the matter are that the Yorick rework is a success, but there definitely needs to be some fine tuning to his kit. He has a unique...
  24. Strae112

    D3 ribbon award submittal thread

    I couldn't find an award submit thread so I started this one. I am submitting for GR65+ PL800+ and Guardian complete. I guess that means I am submitting for the 3 award ribbon as well. I hope season 7 is treating everyone better than me. Kadala seems to hate me this round. So does the cube...
  25. Gyorn

    No Man's Sky - collective thread

    Just a try to organize the informations a bit better... and we'll see if it suffices for its own section. Poll event - Will you play NMS? Game files dearchived - modding possible?