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  1. Bob_o

    Prep for Season 4? Can you do that?

    I have often wondered what I should do to prep for the upcoming Season. Most of the time there really hasn't been anything to do. I mean you start fresh every season. Is there anything you can do? Well with Patch 2.3 we will be a few changes that may want to think about -You will no longer...
  2. N

    Extra beta keys. Want to give them out. How should I do that?

    Not sure if this is the appropriate place to post this but I have some extra beta keys. Decided to give them out to the family since I already have one and everyone I know who is interested in playing has one. How should I go about this?
  3. Awol Kitty

    Breaking the Meta? Whats that? Hecarim AP mid thats what! SolWolf Video! Much Love A.K.
  4. Awol Kitty

    Event: Breaking the meta? Whats that? Vi support thats what. SolWolf vid yay! Much Love A.K.
  5. Awol Kitty

    Breaking the Meta? Whats that? Teemo Juggle thats what! SolWolf video! Good stuff! Much Love A.K.
  6. Awol Kitty

    Breaking The Meta? Whats that? A fishy bot lane thats what. SolWolf video good stuff Much Love A.K.
  7. Awol Kitty

    Breaking the Meta? Whats that? Jungle Cassiopeia thats what! Another by Solwolf, good stuff. Much Love A.K.
  8. Awol Kitty

    Breaking the Meta? Whats that? Top ap Gangplank thats what. If you like watching people play champions played in different ways then you'd like Solwolf YouTube best LoL troll. :D Much Love A.K.
  9. Rimeraz

    This or That?

    This game is pretty simple and self explanatory. You simply answer the question the poster above asks you, then you would ask a question in the same format. You are also welcome to comment about your answer if you so desire. Here is an example. Poster #1: Pancakes or Waffles? Poster...
  10. Cronofan

    What in Zeus' name is THAT?

    I was searching through some old Smite videos of Alpha b-roll footage and I came across this: Smite Online B-Roll: PAX 2011 - YouTube I've been playing this game as long as anyone I know (rest in peace Minotaur and Manticore) but I wasn't around when THAT thing was in the game. I assume...
  11. P

    How the ***** could i hold that?

    1v1 Pedrows vs DukeofEarle PvZ -